A Birthday Shawl

I finished the knitting of my mom’s birthday shawl just in time.  I knew it could take a few days to block, wrap and mail, so it was good to have a cushion.  This yarn, wild and colorful, is perfectly suited to my mother.  She is a beautiful, funny, free-spirited creative woman, this kind who could pull off wearing a chunky hand-knit shawl out of recycled sari silk.

I wasn’t sure how to block this since the fiber content was part silk and part something else.  Should I dunk it in the tub, steam it, spray it, what? A quick internet search led me to one of my early knitting homes, Knitty.com. This article does a great job of explaining blocking and lays out some basic recommendations for how to deal with a variety of fibers. For silk, it seems like pinning out your piece and then spritzing it with water from a spray bottle is the way to go. I couldn’t stretch this shawl out to be perfectly triangular; it’s more of a misshapen Superman emblem.  After a couple of days on the mat, it seems to have blocked out alright.

I thought I was finished and was about to wrap this up and send it off when I remembered.  When I first started knitting it, my mom told me she thought it needed fringe.  Happy to have her input and enthusiasm for the porject, I agreed.  Fortunately, I had a small ball of yarn left, so I measured the remainder out into 4-inch pieces and started attaching them to the edge of the shawl.  There was just enough, not a strand to spare!

  • Pattern: La La’s Simple Shawl by Laura Linneman (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: a mystery.  Recycled silk from India.  I lost the ball band, but before doing so discovered the yarn was not listed in Ravelry.
  • Needles: US size 11
  • Mods: I left out the garter stitch and made this all in stockinette.  And then there is the fringe, of course.

This was a fun, simple pattern, just like its name says.  I can see that its simple stitches paired with eyelet rows would do justice to many a hand painted or novelty yarn.  My friend stripedsocks knit a gorgeous version with her own handspun yarn.  I’ll definitely be keeping this pattern around as a go-to for fun and crazy yarn!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

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  1. I LOVE this shawl!!! It’s so colorful and fun and has Love knitted in it on many levels. Thank You Daughter. XOXOX

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