Tardy to the Party

This award has been bumping around the blogosphere for a while now, and my knit-friend Nutmeg Knitter was kind enough to send one my way.  I have been meaning to write this post for some time now but kept getting distracted.  Without any further ado,

The rules are I have to give 10 little known facts about myself and then nominate 10 people for the award.  Consider yourself nominated!

  1. I have never had a cavity.  Those 80s Aquafresh commercials really had an impact on me, and I brush and floss like it’s going out of style.
  2. Like Nutmeg Knitter, I cannot fall asleep with the closet door open.  This stems from a childhood nightmare in which an open closet revealed a floppy, wicked witch hanging on one of my clothes hangers.  She was just hanging there, staring at me.  Waiting for me to fall asleep so she could eat me.  You wouldn’t be able to sleep either!
  3. I grew up in a very small town in Idaho and couldn’t wait to leave to live in the big city.  Well, I did, and now I can’t wait to live in a small town again with some land and fancy chickens.  Maybe a sheep or two.  And a horse.  Yes, definitely a horse.
  4. My knowledge of 80s soft rock song lyrics is unrivalled.
  5. I could eat pancakes every day, any time of day.  I had pancakes for lunch just yesterday, and I’m already wanting more.
  6. I’m only on #6 and am having a crisis of confidence that I won’t be able to think of 10 interesting things about myself.
  7. Right now I can’t stop thinking about how nice it would be to paint my toe nails or tweeze that neck hair* I noticed 3 days ago.
  8. It may not be the most original day-dream, but I often fantasize about putting everything on hold for a year and taking my family on a round the world adventure.
  9. I was a cheerleader for 2 years in high school, and my college’s mascot for exactly one basketball game.  Those furry suits are steamy!
  10. We are going to be saying good-bye to the Northeast after almost 10 years to return to the West Coast.  Come September, it’s Oregon or bust!  Know any good yarn stores between Eugene and Portland?

*Yes, I said neck hair; they strike when you least expect it and no one is immune.

3 thoughts on “Tardy to the Party

  1. Little know fact: You are the best sister a lil sister could ask for. You are always there when I need you and have a open home for every stray animal on the planet ; )

  2. he he neck hair. At some point they just start showing up in weird places huh?

    A move! How exciting! I just read the new post first and am resisting the yarn destash. I’ll leave it people a little closer to you, location wise.

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