A Winner and a Diagnosis

I used random.org to choose a winner from your comments, and that person is Gauss who said:

Once in a while I get the destashing urge and I try to find the yarn (or other stuff) that has a very very small chance of actually being knitted. I’ve sold things on eBay before, usually for a very low price, and I have a bag of random skeins ready to be listed when I’m back from vacation…

I’ve been buying and selling things on eBay for years, but have never really looking into the yarn market there.  Thanks for the idea!


Thank you for your comments and concerns regarding Peaceful Baby.  She is feeling much better, and her appointment went well.  She has a condition called Vesicoureteral reflux, in which urine backflows from the bladder into the kidneys, potentially causing infection and damage to the kidneys.  The good news is most children outgrow this by the age of 3 as the urethra grows and elongates.  We still need to meet with a pediatric urologist for a more detailed treatment plan, which will likely be a long-term, low dose of antibiotics.  I am thankful to have a diagnosis, especially one that is not severe enough to indicate an immediate surgical intervention.  Now, we move forward with summer and with life!

5 thoughts on “A Winner and a Diagnosis

  1. Glad to hear you’ve got a diagnosis. My nephew has the same condition and he is on long term antibiotics. If it was me I’d also try and negate the negative effect of the antibiotics with a probiotic, but I don’t know if that’s possible for babies.

  2. oh what an interesting diagnosis. It doesn’t sound as scary as it might have. Here’s to a good management plan for getting her through it!

  3. Senior Grandson (now 11) had this as a baby – dealt with absolutely successfully with low-dose antibiotics.

    Grew out of it with no long term side effects. If he was any fitter he would be dangerous.

    D-in-law probably suffered more – she is a Gold Medal worrier.

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