Something finished this way comes…

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the afternoon to myself in the quiet of Home.  After traveling last week and being sick this week, such silence and space was exactly what I needed.  This allowed me an uninterrupted stretch of time in which I could catch up on podcasts and finish the knitting of my Juliet.  I only had a few rows left, so it really took no time at all.  Then I set to work on all the little things that have to happen before a garment is really Finished: weaving in ends, soaking, blocking, and choosing buttons.

Remember, this yarn isn’t 100% wool, so I’m not sure what the results of my blocking efforts will be.  But I decided to go through the process, because I need a little more give in the bust area.  My fingers are crossed that when it is dry, the rigorous blocking will hold.  In the meantime, what should I do about buttons?


5 thoughts on “Something finished this way comes…

  1. I like the ceramic blue buttons. I think they fit the personality of the sweater nicely – fi that makes sense. The tan ones would be a good choice too.

  2. I like the turquoise ceramic ones… that’s my vote! How many buttons are needed for the sweater- 2? Congrats on finishing up a hibernating sweater! 🙂

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