Juliet, Modified

Some things just don’t turn out the way you thought they would.  An idea in your mind and an idea realized are often two very different things.

I had this great idea for a sweater, modifying the original pattern knit cropped with bulky yarn to a lightweight, full-length cardigan.  With less lace.  Of course, I like to live dangerously and improvise as I knit, so there was no swatching or planning ahead, really.  I just made adjustments as I knit.  Turns out that can yield less control over the final product; who knew?!  (I know you probably did, but shhhh)  In any case, the knitting is over and I have a Finished Object to share.

  • Pattern: Juliet from Zephyr Style, Ravelled here
  • Yarn: Berocco Vintage Wool in Mocha, 3.25 skeins
  • Needles: US size 7 & 8
  • Modifications: Picked up 5 stitches under the arms and continued in garter stitch for 1.5 inches before binding off purl-wise.  Omitted lace except for one column on either side of cardigan opening.  I also made this slightly longer than indicated in the pattern to accommodate a long torso.

This was a fun and simple pattern to knit.  All of my dissatisfaction is my own fault, from yarn choice to poor decision-making along the way.  My main problem is that I should probably have made the garter stitch portion in a larger size.  Of course, I started this before I was breastfeeding, so my bust size is considerably different now.  Combined with the fact that this yarn has a high content of synthetic fibers and was unblockable, I was not able to gain any width through blocking. I can’t even stretch it closed over these busties of mine.  Forget about adding a cute button (thanks for your suggestions, by the way!).  I guess when I am done breastfeeding I could always try to close it up…

Looking at the photos, this actually looks like a cute little sweater.  It seems to be fine worn as an open cardigan, which works well with the short-sleeved aspect.  That is to say it’s not really something I’d be buttoning up for warmth anyway.    It just didn’t turn out like I had hoped.  So in order to accept this sweater, I have to let go of what I wanted it to be and love it as is.  What a great lesson, in knitting and in life.

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