This is the Month

It has begun.  The packing, organizing, and general stressing indicative of an impending move.  We’ve seen it coming down the road all summer, but chosen to delay its arrival for as long as possible.  Sweetie and I agreed early on that we wanted to try to preserve the spirit of summer, postponing the real down and dirty details until August.

So here we are, dudes.  We’ve taken a healthy bite out of August, and the fact that there is a veritable shit-ton of work to be done is no longer deniable.  The boxes are out, the stuff is spread far and wide, and after just a few days of it I’m ready to be done.  It’s hard to live among boxes and piles and To Do lists with a deadline hanging over my head.

Good thing we went on vacation last week!  It was so good to get out of town, reconnect with each other, and have some big fun.  Because as much as we were trying to have a normal summer, the worries of moving had crept in around the edges.  Leaving town and playing around allowed me the mental space to start to feel excited about moving and starting over, rather than anxious.  I began imagining the adventures we’ll have in Oregon, and all the new friends and places we’ll meet.  This transition will undoubtedly be challenging and messy at times, but ultimatly for the best.

This week was full of playing with a newly mobile Peaceful Baby, sorting through stuff and making piles (keep, trash, tag sale, donate), cooking from the pantry & farm stand, running errands, then settling in for some serious knitting and movie-watching in the evenings.  In the midst of great change, we still try to enjoy daily life as much as possible.

How do you cope with big changes?

5 thoughts on “This is the Month

  1. Good luck with your move. We moved about two months ago and I found that it was helpful and kind of gleefully fun to be ruthless with getting rid of stuff that I didn’t absolutely love. I actually ended up not knitting very much during the process, but I kind of regretted that. It would have been a good stress reliever.

  2. I don’t envy you. I really don’t. Although a move does sound exciting and challenging. When I think of starting over, after being here for 22 years, it’s a scary thought. I moved a lot as a kid so stability has been nice. But change! What a thrill!

    I think mixing a newly crawling baby in the process would make for some long, long days. I wish you patience.

  3. Just try to take it one day at a time. That’s all you really can do.

    You’re such a sweet person that I just know you are going to find new knitting friends in no time flat. I’m going to miss you, though. 😦

  4. How do I cope with big changes? Not well! But it’s “one foot in front of the other” and it will all happen, eventually. Looking forward to meeting you.

    I notice that you’re packing the important stuff first!

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