Scummy Lenore

This was a weekend of opposites. One pleasantly breezy summer day in which we could work, play, and knit outside comfortably, followed by more high temps and humidity.  Hours working, packing, cleaning, followed by hours watching movies, eating out, and looking at books.  Time spent with PB, and time spent without (thanks, Food for Poems!).  Life is like that, I suppose: constantly ebbing and flowing, fun and responsibility vying for attention, and us seeking balance or control over it all.

The good news is, when all was said and done, I had a lovely pair of socks.

  • Pattern: Lenore by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Ravelled here
  • Yarn: BMFA Lightweight in Pond Scum, 360 yards with leftovers
  • Needles: US size 1/ 2.5mm double points
  • Mods: None.

There are not enough good things to be said about this pattern.  It is clearly written, with a little of Pearl-McPhee’s signature wit and wisdom sprinkled throughout.  Stellar charts, 3 sizes to choose from, and a nice balance of interest and ease.  Once you get through the patterned cuff, it’s an almost auto-pilot stitch pattern; you can definitely memorize it and do it while watching or listening to something entertaining, but there is enough going on that you won’t get bored.

My only disappointment is that my cast on edge isn’t quite stretchy enough.  I feel like I really have to strain to get these over my heel, past the long-tail cast on.  Any recommendations for a more flexible cast on for socks?  I keep hearing about great bind offs for toe up socks (sewn bind off, Jenny’s Surprisingly stretchy bind off ), but what are the options for cast ons?

How about that color?  I first fell in love with the Pond Scum colorway at Rhinebeck last fall.  It falls into the ugly-pretty category for me, and when I saw it I couldn’t decide whether to love it or hate it.  I’m pretty open about colors and can find beauty in just about any shade, yet I hesitated with this one.  I ultimately decided not to pick up a skein for myself, later regretting that decision when I saw that one of my friends had purchased it.  It seems the Scum stuck with me, however, becoming that mythical color that got away.  When I saw it months later at the Webs Tent Sale, I didn’t hesitate again.

Once I settled on a pattern for the yarn and started working with it, the color seemed less and less questionable.  By the time I was finished with these socks, I feel it’s rather benign.  Isn’t it funny how your perspective can change over time?  PB liked these socks immediately, however.  Or maybe she just likes Peg the Leg.  Either way, she’s a fan, and I’m thrilled.

6 thoughts on “Scummy Lenore

  1. I use the long-tail cast on for cuff down socks (unless the pattern calls for something else), but I cast on over two needles. That way there’s enough give to get them over your heels and ankles.

  2. I really like the color and model of the socks! But I like PB’s “haircut” even better, so cute:D
    I hope the move to Oregon goes smoothly and thanks for a lovely blog!

  3. i love the socks but I was most taken by PB’s cute little top! Adorable.

    As for the colour, I liked it straight away but was alarmed by the name of it! Pond Scum! How apt and yet odd.

  4. The socks are adorable and so is PB! Isn’t it nice to have knitting to distract you when in the midst of other life chaos?

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