Rainbow Stripes

Since little PB started crawling, I have watched her amble confidently through her surroundings.  Wood, carpet, grass, or tile, nothing seems to faze her.  I couldn’t help but notice the redness on her knees after a crawling adventure, and you know how mothers worry.  Surely 7 months is too early to worry about scabby knees and bruises?  I had seen some babies wearing BabyLegs, and knew I could knit something similar.  A quick search through patterns on Ravelry turned up several options, and I cast on a pair almost immediately.  This kid needed knee protection, stat!

  • Pattern: Baby Leggings by Ruth Bendig, Ravelled here
  • Yarn: Clekheaten Bambino Merino in 2157 and 1102
  • Needles: US 2 1/2 / 3.0 mm
  • Mods: Stripes, 1/4″ longer ribbing.

The pattern knit up in a flash (about 3 knitting sessions for me) and was fun to see grow.  Anything with color changes or stripes is gratification enough to keep knitting in order to see what will happen next.  I thought these 2-row stripes would be more bold, but the variegated yarn had enough red in it that it blended with the solid in patches.  I was happy to find a use for this yarn, a gift from the thoughtful and talented HekiKnits in Australia.  It is very soft and knit up beautifully into a nice even fabric.

The length of this pattern is perfect for my little chicken drumsticks, but the diameter at the thigh end is a little big.  If I were to knit another pair anytime soon, I would probably cast on fewer stitches so they fit more snugly on the thigh.  As it stands now, they are too loose to really stay pulled up above the thigh.  As soon as PB starts crawling, they sag down below her knees, rendering them pointless but still cute in a Flashdance sort of way.

And just because I can’t resist, here’s a little baby booty:

5 thoughts on “Rainbow Stripes

  1. SUPER CUTE!! I love them and her matching shirt : ) She looks like she is ready “to get physical physical” lol…ah I miss you!

  2. I have thought about doing that for my little crawler as well. I just wonder how tight you could get them (so that they stay up) compared to how fat the little thighs are on this crumb cruncher. But you are right. Very cute! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. My doctor told me once that she looks for scrapes and bruises on kids’ knees, because it means they’re playing outside (not just sitting around indoors)–she’s just starting early!

    Maybe elastic thread in the upper cuff would keep them up–and you could play around with the tension till it was just tight enough to stay up?

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