What a Wonderful World

What a week it has been!  We’re all packed up and camping out in a hotel until Sunday when the journey Westward begins.  It has been a week full of the work of moving, emotional goodbyes, and last visits to favorite places.

Earlier this week Sweetie and I decided to take a break from all things Moving and head into Manhattan for the day.  This is where our relationship really blossomed, and it will always be a special place for the two of us.  We became a real team navigating life in the city, growing from college kids into adults.  I learned that if I could survive there, anything was possible.

At the beginning of the day rain, traffic, long train rides, and negotiating stairs with a stroller in tow made this seem like a very bad idea.  By the end of the day, however, we were both feeling relaxed and happy to have made the trip.  It could have been the wine at dinner, but mostly I think it was just good to get out and play.

Central Park

We also made a side trip across the river to Jersey City, the site of our 1st East Coast apartment.  It was where we landed back in early 2002, our home base while I attended culinary school in the city.  Our first friends in JC were these fellows, two of the most warm, generous, and stylish men I know.  Not only did they make us feel at home in a new city, they helped us with careers and even hosted our wedding in their home.  It was so good to introduce them to PB and reconnect before leaving.

This photo was taken in their store, Smith & Chang General Goods.  Check it out.

And just when I was already overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude and friendship, my Stitch ‘n Bitch group had to go and get all crafty and sentimental on me.  Check out what they did for me here and here (I’d post my own photos, but the gift got packed up already…).  It was really a touching and memorable sendoff, and I will be forever grateful for their thoughtfulness and friendship.  I’ll miss knitting with you ladies!

The last goodbye was probably the most difficult.  Stripedsocks and I were introduced by a mutual knitting friend just over 2 years ago.  We had met in passing at the yarn store where she works, but neither of us had any idea just how much we had in common or how well we would get along.  Fortunately for us, someone else did!  We became fast friends and have encouraged each other through pregnancies, mama drama, knitting conundrums, Rhinebeck purchases, bad movies, birthdays, holidays, and much, much more.  I’ll miss you, my friend!

Rhinebeck 2009 in our Verity hats

6 thoughts on “What a Wonderful World

  1. So sad and so happy for you, and so nice to see an unexpected picture of my beautiful girl. You look like sisters in that picture. Perhaps twins. Did somebody say twins? The adventure continues for all of us. Safe travel and all good things=my wishes for you and your family. I will surely miss you.

  2. Now you’ve made me cry….. Love you, Sonia- thanks for being such a wonderful friend to me. I will miss you immensely…. Hugs and safe travels for all of you.

  3. Totally crying, and loving it. I have so many great memories of NYC that involve you guys, it’s hard for me to think of the city and not think of you! You are dear friends and I feel blessed to have met you and so grateful that we continue to be a part of each other’s lives. And now, to have your family so close, it makes me happy beyond words!

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