It’s All New to Me

Slowly but surely we are getting our bearings in this new home of ours.  There is a bit of the expected chaos, plenty of exploring our new community, and lots of breaks for playing with PB and trying out some of the new and yummy food options in town.  While I am enjoying all of the newness, it is starting to blur a little bit.  Too much new information can make me feel overloaded and unfocused, and I am dangerously close to that point right now.

I think a few more days of unpacking and nesting is what I need to start to feel more anchored.  I look forward to finding my way into a new routine, one that enables me the time to get back into blogging regularly.  The break has been good, but I have missed this!  So please hang in there and trust that I’ll be back knitting, taking photos, and writing about all the New very soon.  Until then, here are some lovely shots from our trip to the Oregon Coast over the weekend.

Cape Perpetua

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