Fun at the Fiber Fest

I wasn’t sure what to expect as we drove up to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival this weekend.  My only other festival experience has been attending Rhinebeck the past two years.  I know that is one of the shows held in high regard, and its size and scope was always a bit intimidating to me.  Would OFFF be as big/diverse/interesting?  Either way, it was a gorgeous day, I had knitting time in the car, and plans to meet up with 2 friends, so even if the festival was a bust I planned on having a great time.

Abstract Fibers

Good news: the festival was fantastic!  First of all, let me tell you this, Rhinebeck: FREE parking and FREE admission.  That meant more money to spend on yarn and notions!  I tend to go one of two ways at these sorts of things; either I get really overwhelmed by all the choices and end up paralyzed, unable to make up my mind about purchasing anything, or I go into a free fall of fiber purchasing, buying up everything I like.  On Saturday, I think I experienced both phenomena alternately.  The morning was a total spending spree.  We took a break to eat lunch and let the baby play, then spent a couple more hours wandering around the booths and animal exhibits.  I didn’t buy a thing during this time!  I found myself wanting to buy a certain type of yarn but was ultimately unable to decide on a skein.  Sigh.  Oh well, I did get some gorgeous stuff that I will have to photograph properly before sharing.

In all my excitement over yarn, fiber beasts, and knitting-related treats, I made sure to coordinate a meetup with a blogging friend, PDX Knitterati.  It was wonderful to meet someone face to face who has been such fun getting to know through blogging.  Here we are in our hand-knits despite the heat; she’s wearing her newly released shawl, Pacific.  Hey, a knitter’s got to wear something she knit to these events, whatever the cost!

Sweetie was even wearing wool socks I made her.  Peaceful Baby did very well all day, enjoying the sights atop her other mother’s shoulders.  We also met up with a dear friend from college, Unlce Burk.  This was his first time meeting little PB, and I think it was mutual love at first sight.  I think Burk also may have fallen in love with some yarn from Abstract Fibers and, after a long love affair with yarn, has taken up the needles.  I love men who knit!

The yarn selection was fantastic, and there seemed to be so many other things there to look at!  Plus, if you’re a spinner this was probably even more heavenly as there was no shortage of fleeces, fiber, and spinning accessories to peruse.  Overall, I am so happy I got to enjoy a fantastic fiber fest in my new state.  Thanks again to PDXKnitterati for telling me about it before I even moved; it was so nice to have this to look forward to as I packed up all of my yarn and cancelled hotel reservations with my friends for Rhinebeck.  And you know what else happens in Oregon?  Sock Summit.  Just saying. ; )

10 thoughts on “Fun at the Fiber Fest

  1. Oh look! Two bloggers I know meet up in real life! I love it! What a happy, great photo! And look at PB up there taking in all the world! Just love it.

    I’m with you on the reaction to these things – paralysis or free fall. I go one way or the other too. It’s always an extreme!

  2. I so wanted to go, I was all set, and then my son told me they had finalized “THE MEETING” of the grandmothers. It was in the middle of the day in the opposite direction of OFFF. This has been a hard meeting to pull off as the other grandmother has always had ‘something ‘ come up and not been able to attend.
    I thought ‘oh well, I’ll go Sunday’ Instead we were trying to find out where the water was coming from around our skylight in the living room. There were so many people I wanted to meet!

  3. So glad I had the chance to meet you in person! You are as nice in person as you are online, and PB is even cuter in real life.

    And yes, Sock Summit is next August. But you should really come check out the 17 or so yarn stores we have in the PDX area before then.

    Nice Lantern Moon yarn ball doormat in Sweetie’s hand! I just bought one last week at the warehouse sale. Love it!

  4. Omigosh, I’m just drooling at the site of all that yarn! Glad you had a great time. I’ve been to SAFF in Asheville, NC for the past 2 years and it sounds like a similar event. Can’t wait to go again this year! Thanks for sharing your experience. 😀

  5. It was a great day! So much beautiful yarn (I had no idea). It was also great to see you guys and meet PB! You’re right, love at first sight!

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