Project Epilogue

Last night I finished two projects that I was still excited about, but whose duration was beginning to make me feel a little anxious.

My Petrie top, a cute summer tank, and The Passage, a less cute, more suspenseful novel by Justin Cronin.  I finished the book relatively quickly considering it has over 700 pages and I only read in bed these days.  But that top has been on the needles since June, a plain stockinette knit that was perfect at times and straight boring at others.  In any case, both are finished and now I am free to choose a new (shorter) book, and concentrate fully on my Socktoberfest project.



Where will you be when the lights go out? Hemming this top...


But if I’m really being honest, this top isn’t finished.  The knitting is finished, but there remains the rather hefty task of attaching the turned hem on the bottom and necklines.  I’m calling it the epilogue to the project!  This feels like a daunting task, especially since it is something I haven’t done before.  One knitting friend suggested I use black embroidery floss to do the seaming so there’s less bulk.  I have a lot of yarn leftover, so I was thinking of separating some lengths and using that.  Any thoughts, tips, or advice?


One thought on “Project Epilogue

  1. Separating plies of your yarn definitely depends on the yarn. If it separates easily, is a single ply strong enough to resist breaking? If it survives the pull test just be sure you don’t sew your hem or seams too tightly. There has to be some give in the hem and you don’t want things to pucker.

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