A Great Weekend

I had an all around Great Weekend.  There was a surprise date night to see a favorite musician in Portland, followed by a unique and fun fondue dinner with adult beverages.  Plus, I got to knit the whole way there, which was over an hour.  Heaven!

I may have started a new project, just to have something easy to knit in the car. Like you do.

Saturday and Sunday were perfect fall weather days.  We took walks, worked on some projects, I got a little alone time in my craft room, we went to a soup & s’mores party, and I didn’t cook all weekend.  Sweetie and I agreed that this was a perfect combination of relaxation, adventuring, and just being.

Oh, and Peaceful Baby figured out how to clap, and now she doesn’t want to stop!  We went out to breakfast yesterday where she also figured out she could reach my plate and promptly stole my bacon.  I guess she’s giving up vegetarianism already.

And last but not least, I am all caught up with the TTL Mystery Sock!  Of course, I am knitting both socks sort of at the same time, so really I’m just caught up on one.  But that puts me ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned, and besides, I’ve got a few more days before the next clue comes out.  I have been a little trepedatious about the mixed textures and patterns on the leg of this sock.  Part of me wanted to go straight from the cuff to the charted pattern, leaving out all that box stitch.  In the end, I decided to play along and have faith that it’s going to be an amazing sock in the end.  I really like it so far.

Clues 1-3 complete


2 thoughts on “A Great Weekend

  1. hey i recognise that bag 🙂

    Gosh the mystery sock is both a striking colour and an amazing pattern! Good on you for sticking it out.

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