The Care of Socks

Hey, it’s more than halfway through Socktoberfest, and I realize I haven’t been talking much about socks.  There has been sock knitting of course, but also some sock wearing as the weather slowly turns cooler.  Each week as I am doing laundry, I notice the pops of color from the hand-knit socks in the mix.  That tells me a few things:

  • I like to knit socks.
  • The socks I knit are being worn.
  • The socks I knit haven’t worn out yet.

Socks in use.

I thought I’d quickly share my Care of Socks routine, in case anyone is interested.

I buy a variety of sock yarns to knit with, but most tend to be either superwash merino or a blend of wool and nylon.  I wash all of my socks in the washing machine.  I know!  The good news is, I have found a reasonably gentle process that has allowed me to not be too fussy with my socks, and they still look great.

First, I turn the socks inside out.  I figure this will help prevent any unsightly pilling or felting on the outside pattern while they are being churned about in the wash.  I used to then put all my socks in a mesh lingerie bag, but that step got omitted sometime ago and there doesn’t seem to be much difference.  They all go in with like colors on a cold water cycle.  The last step is that I put them on a drying rack.  Easy peasy!

Behold, my new sock drawer.  This is a shallow drawer in my dresser that used to be where I stored my jewelry.  While unpacking a few weeks ago, I had the idea to use it for my hand-knit socks instead.  There seems to be room for a few more pairs…

How do you care for your hand-knit socks?

7 thoughts on “The Care of Socks

  1. Those are some beautiful socks, I so want to knit some but I get first sock syndrome after an inch or two I get bored, probably because I’m such a slow knitter.

    That’s how most of my washing is washed anyway (inside out because i’m lazy, cold because I’m cheap)

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  2. oh laying the socks flat in the drawer is a nice idea. I’m going to copy that immediately! I ball them up and I don’t actually think that’s very good for them. Too much stretch.

    I’m about to do a post on how I have almost no handknit socks left that haven’t been worn through. I find it very distressing. How is it your socks get worn so much but don’t wear through in the feet?

  3. I put mine in the machine, cold wash, too. I do put them in a mesh bag, but that’s more as an alert to anyone who moves the laundry along: Hey! Don’t put these in the dryer! And I just lay them out on top of the dryer to air dry. If I have a lot, I’ll lay them out on a towel on the basement futon instead.

    Easy! Oh, I store them in a basket on my knitting shelf; they look pretty there while waiting to be worn.

  4. i am not worth. I have completed maybe 2 pairs of socks in my knitting career, and none of them are as good as yours. I am not worthy!!!!

  5. I always feel so cosy when I’m wearing hand knit socks 🙂 your sock drawer looks fantastic, I really need somewhere nice to store my hand knits! I usually just handwash mine in a big batch and then hang them on sock blockers to dry.

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