On Schedule

I was pleased as punch to be all caught up with both socks before the most recent Mystery Sock clue came out last night.  At some points this mysterious knitting adventure has felt a bit like homework or working against a deadline; the teacher’s pet in me wants to be on time with my knitting (and not on one sock, but both of course).  This motivation has been exciting at times, and downright hand-cramping at others.  In any case, I am having fun knitting along and am really enjoying how these socks are turning out.

Now it’s on to the gussett and foot!  I think I’m going to relax a bit now and go at my natural sock-knitting pace.

We’ll see how long that lasts…

3 thoughts on “On Schedule

  1. Now that looks like the way to knit socks! I’m not a sock knitter yet, but part of the reason is that I do get a little tired of the same pattern quickly…so the second sock gets procrastinated–and the same with sleeves and mittens and gloves. So I hope I’ll remember this beautiful orange picture when I’m thinking about finishing something again soon.

  2. Oh, they look great!!
    Love the colour. I haven’t started on mine yet, but when I see how beautiful they are, I really need to find some yarn and cast on 🙂
    I have an award for you in my blog 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

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