Wednesday Catch Up

Thank you for all your kind and encouraging comments on my last post.  We all have those days where things just prickle a bit, and usually by the next day it’s smoothed over.  Such was the case with Halloween 2010!  Peaceful Baby ended up with a cute costume (which, coincidentally, a friend in Indiana also got for her daughter!) and we had fun taking her to our town’s festivities over the weekend.  In the end, it was no big deal and certainly wasn’t worth fretting over like I did.

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My knitting needles have been working overtime, churning out little gifty things that I can’t show you just yet.  Trust me when I say there is something satisfying about starting and completing a project in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months.  I’ve been swatching and plotting a sweater project for myself, but these quick knits are addictive, and I’m fully enjoying the thrill.  Last night I tried to knit on the mystery socks I tossed onto the back burner, but only got a few rows into the heel gusset before the need to cast on something small and fast won out.  After all, it’s getting colder every day, and Peaceful Baby needs a new hat…

This month marks the 3rd anniversary of Peaceful Knitter!  I can hardly believe that; in some ways it feels as if I’ve always been blogging, and in others like I have only just begun.  I want to celebrate this achievement and show my appreciation for my readers in a major way.  There are some prizes finding their way to me, and soon I will be announcing a contest or giveaway to share some of the love.  In the meantime, what little things have you knit that were satisfying and fast?  I would love to hear what your go-to patterns are.


10 thoughts on “Wednesday Catch Up

  1. PB is super cute in her costume! I finished the whirligig shrug from Interweave Weekend Knits 2009, a little while ago. It was super fast and turned out adorable.

  2. I love the slideshow feature!! Very cool! I haven’t knitted in a LONG time…. hopefully this winter will get me back into hats!

  3. What a cute costume! I’m glad your Halloween turned out fun.

    I just finished a sweater that took a couple of months to complete, and I have nothing but little knits planned until after Christmas. Right now I’m knitting mittens and a hat for my little guy. Next on my list is a hat for my big girl, mittens for my little girl, socks for everyone, some dishcloths, and some Christmas-y things. I know I won’t get them all done before Christmas, because there is a pile of books on my shelf that I want to read, too :- )

  4. Oh lovely. Just lovely.

    I’m about to cast on a pair of monkey socks as a quick thank you gift for someone. I once made a pair in a week. I’m wondering if I can do it again.

  5. Just finished a pair of Fetching (Ravelry) fingerless mitts for my baby girl – away at college in very cold Boston (26 degrees there this morning!). I love doing hats and mittens and gloves as very quick, take little time, but are hugely satisfying projects! Definitely go-to stuff!

    Sigh – my baby was an adorable toddler in a cute hat not so long ago! How’d she grow up so fast?!

    I saw this hat this past week, too – SO cute.

  6. PB looks as sweet as can be in her costume! I just LOVE the slippers! Too cute!
    Haven’t seen a photo lately of Martha and the cats. Did they travel to OR with you?
    Can’t wait to see pictures of your knitted goodies!

  7. PB looks so cute in her costume! Love the hat and shoes.

    Little projects? Baby hats, Fetchings (made 8 pair one year), and my Athena cowl. I’ve made 6 of those, and still don’t have one for myself. Working on fixing that; I cast on another at the Athena class I was teaching this evening.

    Socks take longer than what I consider a little project, so that’s not my go-to quickie!

  8. Super cute!! Happy 3rd blogiversary as well!
    Quick projects: Baby hats, short flittens, cowls, lighter side of knitting projects like the little toys from Mochimochiland, and granny squares / crochet squares (they seem to go SO fast once you get started!)

  9. Adorable.

    My daughter had the same costume except she wouldn’t wear the hat and the “shoes” were too small.

    I am a small shawlette person. Those are the patterns I go to and queue time and time again.

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