Hungry for More

I feel like a newly infected knitting zombie, crazed with the insatiable need to acquire new knitting projects.

Maybe it’s all the zombie movies I watched in October.  Are you watching the Walking Dead?  If you’re not and you like suspense and/or monster movies, you should give it a try.

Then again, maybe it’s the cooling weather and the accompanying desire to be wrapped in warm wool that’s driving me to knitting distraction.

Either way, there has been a whole lot of needle-clicking going on over here this week.

I have been trying to alternate small gift projects with some larger projects for myself.  So far, the small secret projects are winning out, while my new sweater project is still in the swatching/deciding stage.  I have been spending most of my knitting time trolling Ravelry for project notes on these two sweaters, swatching different yarns from my stash, and then knitting other projects while I try to decide on the details.  Sometimes a lot of the fun of knitting is in the daydreaming, don’t you think?

I did cast on a small gift that I can show you: the Stella Pixie hat in Koigu for Peaceful Baby.

It’s a clever pattern, one that has you scratching your head until the moment you can visualize how it will all come together.  Imagine, the cast on edge becomes the back of the neck, and there’s going to be a whole lot of grafting going on to bring the whole thing together.  It’s knitting up quickly, and soon I’ll have a new baby zombie knit to share with you!

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