Twice the Fun

My needles have been busy knitting away baby items the past couple of weeks.  A friend of mine is expecting twins this winter, and that meant double knitting fun for me!  I got to browse through my pattern books and Ravelry queue looking for two perfect baby knits.  It is always such a joy to help welcome new babies into the world with hand-knits.

It was my original intention to knit both items in a unisex style and colors so that they could be interchangeable between the two babes.  I also wanted to use stash yarn.  These two challenges were easily achieved, seeing as how I have a decent stash of single skeins and plenty of inspiration!  Turns out a little bit of pink did sneak in, but I couldn’t help myself!

  • Pattern: Kanoko Pants by Yumiko Sakurai, available for free (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease in Taupe, 1 skein (207 yards), plus a few yards in Lake
  • Needles: US size 7/4.5 mm
  • Mods: I knit an i-cord instead of doing the crochet chain.

These little pants were great fun to knit.  Simple, soothing panels of stockinette, seed stitch, and purl ridges combine to make these simple pants a little bit fancy.  My only gripe is that the motifs don’t line up in front; this is to be expected, as it is knit in the round (which is really a spiral).  I am also concerned that the rise from crotch to waist is a little shallow, particularly for a potentially cloth-diapered babe.  If I were to knit these pants again, I would probably add some length to the body before dividing for the legs.  And the legs curl up a bit, and I contemplated ending with garter stitch cuffs but went with the pattern instead.  But those are just picky points, and totally adjustable next time!

Next up is a more rustic pattern and yarn combination.  Since my friend is a knitter, I knew she’d appreciate the earthy colors and texture of this chunky yarn.

  • Pattern: Pebble by Nikol Lohr, available for free (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Rowan Colourscape Chunky, 1 skein (207 yards) in color 438 by Kaffe Fassett
  • Needles: US size 8/5 mm
  • Mods: I used larger wool and needles, and knit this in the round, omitting the side buttons and using a 6-stitch garter panel on each side instead. I also slipped the first and last stitch on the armhole/straps for a neater edge.

This was one of those cruise-control knitting projects (ala The Knitmore Girls).  Once I figured out my modifications and corresponding needle size and stitch count, it was simple to knit while catching up on podcasts, playing with PB, or riding in the car.  And that yarn was a little bit of wooly heaven to knit with, both because of its lofty nature and its subtle color changes.  Delicious.  I couldn’t help but pop it onto Peaceful Baby, just to see what it looked like on a little person.


Might have to cast on one to keep….




6 thoughts on “Twice the Fun

  1. Twins are such fun! Long ago a friend of mine had twins on her daughter’s first birthday! Talk about years of chaos! It was especially fun when they were teens and all learning to drive, and date!

  2. So sweet. I got to see them in person last night. Just printed both patterns out for future reference! Thank-you. It’s true, PB needs one of her own.

  3. I agree.. the model is o die for! And I love the pants… be careful all this knitting, your sister is getting many ideas for you!!

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