Home is where…

My new Home is where….



♥  there is something tasty happening in the kitchen

♥  my bed is waiting with fresh sheets and sleepy kitties

♥  our family is busy laughing and playing and the messes can wait

♥  the yarn is safe and sound

♥  I feel inspired.

Our new house is slowly starting to feel like Home.

It can take a while to develop a sense of Home, of feeling at peace and in rhythm with where you live and the activities that occur there.  Home is a very special and important idea to me; it’s that soft spot to land, the place that feeds and cares for your soul, where you can learn, feel, grow, rebuild, experiment, and play with abandon.  Home envelops you with a sense of comfort and peace, has a few beautiful things to make you smile or feel inspired, and smells nice too.

The journey to Home has been steadily moving forward since we landed out West.  At first it was all about getting our family here, checking out our new 4 walls, and then trying to make our house comfortable while we settled in and explored.  For me, it’s important to develop a safe home base quickly when we move someplace new.  It can take a while to find that perfect spot for the coffee pot in the kitchen, or the most comfortable place to sit and knit in the evenings!  But more than that, it takes time to get to know new surroundings, incorporating your existing family and life into a wholly new place.

I think we’re getting there.  Peaceful Baby and I have our new haunts via the library, playground, neighborhood walk (planned to maximize exposure to chickens and ducks!), yarn shop, baby-friendly consignment store, coffee shop, and more.  We spent a lot of the early days in our new town exploring what was out there when the chaos of too many boxes and not knowing where I put this or that was getting to me.

Now, after having been at our new place almost 3 months, I feel a sense of balance coming on.  My idea of Home is coming to be, and we are all seeming more relaxed, happy, and secure in the knowledge that I won’t rearrange the kitchen cupboards again.

What does home mean to you?

7 thoughts on “Home is where…

  1. As a child we moved about every 2 years. In the 7th grade alone, we moved 3 times. We have been in this house 20 years and the house before that 10 years. My boys never had to be the ‘new kid’ in school.
    Moving can give you a fresh perspective and a joy in finding ‘new’ in everything. But being ‘settled’ has much to recommend it. I know we will have to move back into town at some point, but I really love my home and can’t imagine moving again!

  2. i love your yarn cupboard!

    It’s taken me a good many years to really make peace with my homebody self and to start building the idea of what I need most. Now that I share my life with a homebody, it’s all about it being a place of peace and retreat. Your phrase, a soft place to land, is so fitting. I grew up in a home that had a lot of anger, lived once with a partner who was angry – now I’m with a peaceful man who is loving and kind and treasures home the way I do.

    It’s a place for creativity, love, calm and food. I never understand people who say being at home is boring. I’m more at risk of wanting to be here more than anywhere else!

  3. Home is where your loved ones are with you. Kitties, too.

    I found that it was much easier to establish a sense of home with a little one around. We lived in NY for 9 years, but didn’t really start getting a sense of it as home until I had kids and started becoming part of the neighborhood. When I was working, there was office, and home as in the house we lived in, but not home in the same way that you really have a sense of place because of relationships in the world outside your house.

  4. Dearest, you are one of the best people I know for creating a sense of home. Every home of yours that I have ever been in has always felt warm, comfortable and inviting, not to mention beautiful and fun. I feel less like a guest and more like someone who is living there for just a few hours

    I think I feel most at home in the kitchen, surrounded by a mess of materials and tools that are turning themselves into something delicious. And hopefully, ideally, there are people that I love in there with me. Talking, eating, the clink of glasses, coversation that goes on long after our appetites have been satiated. That’s when I feel the most love, the most at home.

  5. What a wonderful post!

    We moved to Massachusetts fourteen years ago, and the first year was anything *but* peaceful. My boys were 18 months and 3 years, then, and I felt so lonesome for my family and friends back “home”. It took me an entire year to come to terms with the move and begin to embrace New England as my home. Now, I can’t imagine living anywhere else :- ).

    Home is
    Where love abounds
    Amid laundry and tears
    Giggles and secrets
    Are shared
    Over dishes
    Where candles glow
    And hot tea warms
    While yarns spin out
    Bath water soothes
    Kittens purr contentemnt
    You understand
    And are understood
    Home is
    A soft place to land.

  6. Home is so important to me too – a place to breathe, be quiet, cook good meals, drink tea, light candles, rest and play. We’ve also been in our new home about 3 months (on the opposite coast!) and it’s finally starting to feel like we really live here. Such a good, good feeling.

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