Crafty Countdown to Christmas

With just 11 days until Christmas (is that right?!), we are in full holiday mode.  There has been decorating and tree trimming, a couple of shopping excursions, and some crafts made.  Naturally there is a lot more I’d like to create and make before the big day, but I’m taking care to not let my expectations run away from me.  I want to enjoy this time, not try to cram so much into the days that by the time Christmas arrives I am a harried wreck.

A few of the things on my crafty holiday wish list:

I’d like to make and decorate sugar cookies.  There are still a couple of knitted gifts on the needles, and I think of new projects on a near-daily basis.  I saw this tutorial on making vintage paper medallions and can’t get it out of my head.  Then there’s a slew of sweet felt decorations (garland, wreaths, ornaments) I’d like to try.

Then there’s all the domestic stuff that also needs attention.  We’re hosting Christmas this year, so naturally I need to think about meals and making beds and all of the other details having house guests entails.  Something will inevitably slip through the cracks, and I accept this.  But I’m still going to try to get as many fun and tasty projects accomplished as I can in the next 11 days (while remaining peaceful and never breaking a sweat–wink wink).  How about you?