Winter Green

I knew that moving to Western Oregon meant we would get to enjoy a milder winter this year.  And while I have occasionally missed the sparkly, insulated quiet of a thick snow, I’m mostly happy to not have to wear 10 layers of clothing to go outside.  Yesterday the weather was sunny and a comfortable temperature, so PB and I headed out for a nature walk.  She is sure-footed enough these days that it has been an adventure for us both letting her go free-range outside.  Thanks to her, I noticed the color and variety of mosses growing around our yard, and decided to bring the camera along to show you all the green in my life this winter.  Winter!

There have been plenty of dark gray, rainy days here too.  Days where it feels like late afternoon all day, and it takes a great amount of gumption to get dressed and leave the house.  On those, days, I am certainly going to try to remember the sun and colors of yesterday.  And these sweet little flowers.

Green!  It’s no wonder I have been ravenously knitting away on my green sweater this week; the shades in the yarn match perfectly the colors I’m seeing outside.  I’m hoping for some rain this weekend, though, so I have an excuse to stay inside a little bit and knit!

3 thoughts on “Winter Green

  1. i love this post. So much green! I imagine it’s a huge contrast after the snowy winters. We have comparatively mild winters here too – although colder than other parts of the country – and the greens and other natural shades you get to enjoy because you can actually go outside makes for a very enjoyable season I think.

  2. Love your photos, really has captured the feeling here. There are those days where I see signs of spring peaking through and I think… This is it!! It’s time for spring!! Then the next day it will be frosty! 🙂 Love that you and PB are out enjoying it too. I really love your blog! I always feel so happy after checking out your new posts!

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