Today is Peaceful Baby’s first birthday. I can hardly stand it. For the past couple of months, I have been marveling at this day’s approach, scarcely able to believe it was almost here. Friends told me it would go by quickly, and though I was determined to savor it all, they were right!  And now it’s been a whole wonderful, exhausting year and my baby girl is one.

She is a spunky wonder who walks, chatters, plays, reads books, eats food, bounces to music, waves bye-bye, blows kisses from the back of her hand, and a thousand other charming things every day. I am full on smitten with this kid, and am so thankful she is here.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl!

15 thoughts on “One

  1. Happy Happy Birthday my niece!! Love the picture and can’t wait to give you kisses this weekend!! Sister, you are a wonderful mom! And Peaceful baby is lucky to have you! More adventures are to come!

  2. Imagine, one year old……it did go by fast! Such a marvelous year it has been. I agree with Auntie, you are a wonderful mom and PB is such a Love Bug….I can see her little teeth. See you very soon! Happy Birthday! XOXOXOX

  3. Wow! Happy Birthday to PB and also to you. Someone dear to me once said that the child’s birthday is also our own, the day we gave birth. Honor yourself today as well. Congratulations!

  4. Happy Birthday PB. You are a lucky little girl. Love your birthday picture. Wow! A year. How did that happen? Enjoy every minute you guys.

  5. Adorable birthday girl! That first year goes by MUCH too fast…and so do all the years that follow. Savor everyday, every moment.

  6. Great picture! Happy birthday! It must be so incredible to watch her grow and learn. It is so special that you to keep these memories and writings here on your blog.

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