Not a lot of Knitting.

We have been very busy playing with cousins, celebrating a birthday, exploring, and having a stomach bug this week.  And it’s only Tuesday!  This knitting mama is in that unfortunate place where little to no knitting is happening.  I think I knit a couple of rows on my sweater yesterday…hopfully things will settle down and I’ll get some more done here and there.  I have been longing for a simple stockinette project of some sort that I could pick up and put down easily, but my resolve stands firm: no new projects in January.  Even if it means there’s not a lot of knitting.  Plus, there’s a portable crib in our guest room, completely blocking access to the stash.

In lieu of knitting, I will share some darling photos of PB on the morning of her birthday celebration.  She is wearing a vintage sweater dress passed down from Sweetie’s mother.  Apparently PB is the 3rd generation in the family to wear this for her first birthday!

Of course, I had to make some sweet treats for the big day, as well.  Because PB loves bananas, there was a banana cream pie.  And because I love carrot cake, I made some cupcakes. I’m proud to say my little girl loves carrot cake as well, devouring one in an “I can’t believe they’ve been keeping sugar from me!” euphoria.  Hey, it was full of healthy carrots, too!

Last night we had the unwelcome surprise of a sick PB.  Up most of the night vomiting, she was a pitiful sight.  I’m hoping some rest, power nursing, and time with family will have her back on track in no time.

Maybe I will try to get to my stash after all.  Sleepy mama needs to knit something simple today!

9 thoughts on “Not a lot of Knitting.

  1. what a precious cherub she is. That dress is unspeakably beautiful. What a wonderful hand me down! The best kind! Hope she’s fully recovered soon!

  2. the birthday dress is beautiful and so lovely that it has a family connection. Hope you get in some mama knitting soon 🙂

  3. What wonderful pictures! I swear PB is getting cuter by the day =D The dress is gorgeous, and how lovely to celebrate your first birthday in a dress with such tradition.

  4. The dress is beautiful – what a precious family heirloom to have and it looks like it was made especially for Peaceful Baby! Hope she’s feeling better, poor little darling.

  5. My original thought is that the dress was machine knit. It has a tag in the back…I’ll do some investigating and see what I can find out.

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