The Birthday Sweater

Long before PB’s first birthday, I made up my mind to knit her a celebratory sweater.  I planned on making this one, then an opportunity came up to do a test knit for a friend back in CT.  The rest is knitting history!

  • Yarn: Cascade Sierra and Crystal Palace Yarns Cotton Chenille
  • Pattern: Baby Rock ‘n’ Rollneck by Crystal Guistinello (Ravelled here)
  • Needles: US 5 and 7
  • Mods: There is a cute crochet heart detail that I failed to make.  My crochet is miserable.  Check out the pattern page to see how cute it is!

This is a finely crafted pattern, with lots of attention to detail.  I enjoyed knitting it, even if I had a hard time keeping the 2 yarns untangled when working the stripes.  I eventually worked that out!  This was my first time knitting a bottom-up yoke sweater, and it was nice to work out the new technique on a small-scale.  I was able to knit this while riding in the car, watching over PB as she played, during holiday gatherings, and while watching TV.  Good, portable knitting with spectacular results.

It turned out pretty darned cute, and I think PB is really showing it off to its best advantage.  She was a little preoccupied with her newly inherited chucks, enabling me to get some great candid photos.

This is such a sweet little sweater, and after knitting the 18 month size I see she has plenty of room to grow.  These yarns are both cotton blends, so work well for all seasons.  Mix up the fiber content or colors, and you could have a completely different-looking sweater.  This is such a versatile pattern in a good range of sizes; I’m already thinking of knitting one in wool with different color stripes for next winter.

11 thoughts on “The Birthday Sweater

  1. Very cute!

    Don’t worry. I tested the crocheted heart for Crystal. I did my test knit in a wool blend. I’ll be blog my results very soon.

  2. oh it looks great and so does she! I recognise this style of photo so well – I love to distract Alice with something so she doesn’t know it’s happening!

  3. Love the sweater, so cute! Had a great time at PB’s birthday party. So much fun to see her and everybody!

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