Valentine Crafts, Part One

With just under a week until V-Day, I thought it high time I share some of the holiday-themed craftiness that has been going on around here.  I haven’t really decorated for this day before, but I love hearts and the colors pink, purple and red, so it was inevitable.

I have been yearning to make giant pom-poms for some time now.  I think this stems from a photo I saw somewhere (I can’t remember where now) of a scarf made of enormous yarn pom-poms strung together.  While that’s not something I want to wear myself, the uses for these delightful, yarny poofs are endless.  At Christmastime I tried making some for use in a garland, but they came out limp and sad looking.  Then I came across the Clover pom-poms makers, an ingenious little contraption that made all the difference.  One can churn out a happy, plump pom-pom in no time, an act that is incredibly addictive.  The gadget is simple enough you could get little hands involved, too. Or spouses and in-laws; I had both Sweetie and her sister slaving away volunteering to making pom-poms!


I bought this yarn for its particularly festive colors (couch*Vanna’s Choice*cough), but you could certainly use little bits and bobs you have leftover from other projects.  A multi-colored garland or wreath would be incredible, a nice reminder of past projects.

I threaded all my pom-poms onto a piece of yarn about 10 feet long and then attached them to a wicker wreath form using the ends. It’s important to leave enough room between each pom to let them poof to maximum fluffiness.  Then I braided 6 strands of yarn together to create something to hang it all from. Simple, fun, and oh so festive.

I think my dusty front door is actually smiling a bit.

6 thoughts on “Valentine Crafts, Part One

  1. So cool- love that it involved the rest of the family too! You are the queen of awesome holiday wreaths! I think that there has been a Christmas one, a St. Patrick’s one, now this one- am I missing any? So much fun!

  2. You are so amazing! Can I just come and live with you for a week so some of your awesomeness will rub off??? LOVE the wreath! It is great!

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