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button bin at Stitches, all a-jumble like my brain today!

Some thoughts, updates, and bits of information, list style:

Knitting& Crafty Goodness

  1. After yesterday’s post, I took another look at Shalom and realized things weren’t as bad as I had made them out to be. My errors weren’t irreparable, and after just a few minutes I was back in the fast lane.  Today I will divide for the sleeves and get going on some soothing stockinette.  This is likely where I will be distracted by a new project, but that’s the way I roll.
  2. I happened across a copy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitting Workshop dvd at the library last week, and have been enjoying her antics every afternoon.  PB’s naptime finds me on the couch with a cup of tea, my knitting, and EZ.  I thought there wouldn’t be too many surprises, but that lady has shaken the ground on a few things I knew for certain to be true.  For instance, did you know you could just throw in a backward loop cast on stitch as an increase, avoiding the fuss of those pesky m1’s?
  3. There’s a new issue of Rhythm of the Home up!  There’s also a new issue of Mothering out, and they have announced they will not be publishing print editions anymore.  Sad, but a sign of these digital times, I suppose.
  4. Kathy over at While Tangerine Dreams has been up to a whole lotta creative goodness.  Go check out her new Dream Consulting and Backwoods Mama Sewing Camp.  That lady is such a delightful inspiration! Kathy, I’m waiting for Backwoods Mama summer camp at your house!

Health & Home

  1. Throughout the course of this winter, I was sick a lot.  This is unusual for me: I maybe get a cold once a season.  I attribute my seemingly constant battle with one sickness or another to three things: poor sleep, increased exposure to germs at “kiddie” places, and lack of consistent exercise.  Having a little one in the house changes so many things, and one of the big things is how the parents care for themselves.  It is so common for women to put themselves last on the To Care For list, isn’t it?  I thought I was doing a good job of carving out creative time and practicing self-care.  The fact of the matter is, I have felt physically run down for months.  In an attempt to jumpstart my return to a more balanced, strong physical self, I will be participating in  a 30 Day vegan Challenge.  The idea of having a group of like-minded people working through this at the same time is comforting, and there will be recipes, support, and resources all along the way.  Let me make a couple of things clear: my intention is not to become full-on vegan, nor will I be imposing an animal-free diet on anyone else in my home.  It just so happens that Sweetie is on-board with eating vegan at home (she is at the mercy of my chef’s knife, after all), and is supportive of me and my goals.  It starts Monday; hopefully 3 days in we won’t be sneaking around or fighting over PB’s yogurt and cheese!
  2. I keep seeing other bloggers writing about all the time and thought they are putting into their gardens.  We have 3 large raised beds in our backyard and 2 small ones in front of our rental house, and I would love to grow some veggies.  Trouble is, I have no idea where to start!  Until I saw this rash of fertile blog posts, I thought I could just go down to the nursery once it got a bit warmer and just choose the things I’d like to eat and stick them in the ground.  I need your book and website recommendations, seasoned gardening advice, and general good wishes.
  3. Peaceful Baby is entering into a new phase where she is not so peaceful all the time.  Tantrums have arrived; I am amazed at the intensity of her reaction when I gently tell her no. There are tears, throwing of objects, raking of nails.  Fortunately, these little people are excellent at living in the moment and moving on quickly from intense moments.  I could learn something from PB’s ability to let things go and enjoy life as it comes.

That’s all for today!  Do you feel better after putting your thoughts down on paper (or blog) like I do?

7 thoughts on “Of This & That

  1. as a vegan myself, you’ll definitely fell better and more charged up! Sending you lots of postive energy 🙂

  2. Oh…gotta love those tantrums! I would love to help you with gardening later on this month….if you still have room in those beds. XOXOX

  3. 1. I have been wondering what M1 is and can’t wait to skype about the subject and learn some more from you.

    2. Even though I mean it in good fun. WARNING!! Next week sometime I will eat a steak for you and send you a picture.

    3. Tantrums are not fun, but you are patient which is a great quality to have. We still deal with tantrums, but he your nephew is getting better about it. ; )

    And although I am bad about writing things down and I don’t have a blog. I ALWAYS feel better after giving my sister a call. Even if it’s for 5 minutes, she understands.

  4. oh i had the impression from a previous post where you were playing with frozen brussel sprouts that you had a veggie garden going!

    If you’ve got the beds you’re well on your way. I’m at the reverse end of the world to you so won’t offer particular advice on what to grow in your area or anything like that, but as someone who just wrestled some abandoned beds back to life I can offer this. Try one bed at a time. Don’t over do it. That’s how I’m attacking it.

    Think of a few things you know your family will enjoy eating and get them in once the weather starts to warm up. I often start things on window sills from seed in later winter – basil, beans, cucumbers etc. It’s cheaper than buying seedlings although some things do grow better from well established purchased seedlings.

    Also, look up gardening blogs from your part of the world. There was a Canberra gardening blogger I followed for ages for advice. I did basically everything she did one year to get things started and it really helped!

  5. It’s an old book, but Crockett’s Victory Garden is great- very clearly written with lovely pictures. Good luck.

  6. We were lucky enough to move into a house with a fully-planted garden at the end of the summer. Heirloom tomatoes, brussel sprouts, peppers, and more. I got a taste of what’s possible and am excited for more!

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