Letting Go

I’ve been trying to get to this space for two whole days now. My mind has been swirling with things to write about here: various lists, knitting updates, a finished object, and more. I’ve felt a little rushed and behind for days, mostly because we are leaving for vacation soon, and that always sends me into a bit of a frenzy. What to pack? What to knit? Do we have arrangemtns for the cats? Is the fridge/trash emtied? I have this strong need to clean house before we leave, so that we can come back everything in order. Some of that has to be let go in favor of taking some queit moments, making it to knit night, or going on toddler outings.

So, my eloquent and on-time blog posts regarding the aforementioned FO, a fun yarn swap I went to over the weekend, and a painting project are just going ot have to wait. Something has to give, and this little blog is getting the shaft this week. I hope you understand and will join me back when the dust has settled and the bags are unpacked.  For now, enjoy these progress shots of my weekend sock/lace yarn reorganization.  It’s so good to see things in a new way!


4 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. have a great trip!

    I love coming home to a clean house too. We once had a house sitter who took it on herself to do a spring clean of sorts for us. I’ve never forgotten that.

    Love love love your yarn cupboard.

  2. I have to clean whenever I go anywhere, because I find coming home to a dirty house depressing. Have fun on your trip! Thanks for sharing the lovely yarn pictures.

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