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Yarn-ing Along with Ginny again this week.  Funny how much I missed this last week, although it’s just as well since I didn’t even take a book with me on vacation.  But I did take 2 knitting projects and made decent progress on both. Here’s one:

That is my happy around town sock, the one I keep in my purse or diaper bag for those times when I have a few moments to knit on the go.  I told myself this was a project with no deadline and that they’ll be finished when they are finished.  This is different for me as I typically want to finish things about 5 minutes after I start them.  Like Bells, I need a steady stream of quality FO’s in my creative life or else I feel a bit of panic starting to set in.  But this is good too.  A project that is along for the ride, with no deadline, no self-imposed pressure, no nagging to be finished already. And look!  I’m ready to turn the heel; it’s surprising how many moments you can find to knit while riding in cars, and those few rows each time really add up.

The book is The Kind Diet, something Sweetie gave me for my birthday last week.  I took a small break from the vegan challenge while on the road; I was not prepared for what being a travelling vegan entailed!  I did remain vegetarian for the week, indulging in the oozy, cheesy goodness of New Mexican food.  Chile rellenos, blue corn enchiladas…it’s hard to say hold the cheese!  I felt the difference, though, and that was revelatory.  I’m back on track now, and this book is helping me clarify my focus on eating wholesome, plant-based foods.  Forget what you think about Alicia Silverstone as an actress or celebrity; this is an informative, conversational book about eating well for yourself and the planet.  There are the usual facts and statistics about the horrors of slaughterhouses and poultry farms, how to get enough iron and vitamins, and what to eat when you’re out in the world at large.  It seems to be just right for me as I take these small steps toward improving my diet and overall health, and I’m really enjoying her flair.  The photos and recipes look lovely, too.

What are you working on this week?

10 thoughts on “Yarn Along:: Slow is Good

  1. I’m working on a second stormy gray shawl for Sock Summit (have to do something with sock yarn, and I still have yet to knit socks with fingering weight yarn). And I’ve started a merino/silk worsted cowl in Sakura pink (yarn from Knitted Wit, her fund raiser for Japan disaster relief).


    Your sock is delightfully cheery.

  2. the name on the book struck me at once. I don’t know why but I have had this sense for a while that she’s gone and grown up, a bit outside the spotlight, and is doing interesting stuff. Looks like I was right!

    I was wondering how your vegan experiment went in NM. Having travelled with a vegan who just lived on packets of nuts the whole time, I imagine it was very challenging!

  3. I read The Kind Diet by her last fall and really liked it. She’s spunky and informative, and just fun to read. I hope you’re liking it too!

  4. I’ve heard good things about The Kind Diet…I’m intrigued.

    This week I’m rereading The Secret Garden…just the dose of optimism and warmth I need, as spring comes shyly and coldly. And knitting on a Smocked Slouch hat, with reclaimed yarn from a frogged cardigan. You’re right…slow is good.

  5. Love, love, LOVE those colors! Just downloaded the book onto my Kindle because I’ve had it recommended by so many wise and knowing folk. Oh, BTW, found you on 30 Day Vegan, and am an adamant admirer of The Yarn Harlot. Knitting has been shifted to the back burner in favor of other projects at the moment, and while I recover from knitting-induced tendonitis (don’t that suck). But, looking forward to quieter times and warmer weather so I can knit more 😉 Happy to have found you!

  6. Glad you found me too! Taking a break from knitting can be a good thing; there are so many fun creative things to do with your time.

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