Too Big.


This is the Rayonnant Pullover by Romi Hill and it is Too Big.  There have been accounts about this pattern’s generous sleeve circumference, but since I planned on making short sleeves I thought this wouldn’t affect me.  I would would add some shaping and they would be perfect!  But after the doing the increases and separating the sleeves from the body it was easy to see that the armhole was simply too big.  The whole thing was too big.  Coming off the high of a perfect-fitting Shalom, I don’t quite know what to make of this result.  I swatched.  I washed my swatch; it shrank.  I chose a size just an inch larger than my actual measurements for a comfortable fit.  I guess the pattern must already be designed with positive ease in mind; I wish this was more clear in patterns in general!




It’s just as well that I had a generous glass of wine with dinner last night.  It provided the bravado I needed to rip out the majority of a project without becoming upset.  I ripped out about 1 1/2 balls of yarn, knitting I had enjoyed over the course of an entire week.  Rather than look at this as a setback and time wasted, as I usually would, I’m taking this opportunity to consider this a chance to right a wrong.

Anyway, after the aforementioned glass of wine, I showed up at knit night and riiiiiped this top with a vengeance.  Stitch markers flew onto the floor.  Other knitters marvelled at just how big 14 1/2 inches is with a tapemeasure loop.  Yarn balls rolled across the cafe floor.  And in the end I ripped back to just a few rows below the lace motif.  I plan on creating my own customized size from this point forward.

For now I’m still a little peeved, so I cast on a new project.  So much for monogamous knitting!

14 thoughts on “Too Big.

  1. Ugggggh. I frogged a whole cardigan this week – a project I had loved while knitting it, but never ever wore because it just didn’t fit right. Yuck. (But now I’m reclaiming that yarn for a lovely hat – and probably several other accessories. Which makes me feel better about the ripping in general.)

  2. Monogamous knitting is overrated! Especially when reeling from the aftereffects of knitting something that doesn’t fit quite right. Grrrrrrr….. something I know all too well!

  3. Oh I feel so sad for you 😐 I’ve had to do some major ripping like that before. It’s amazing how quickly it unravels compared to how long it takes to knit! lol In the end you’ll end up with a garment you’ll really love though 🙂

  4. I did notice how much faster ripping was than knitting…it’s satisfying in its own, maddening way!

  5. do you know how many times a glass of wine (or two) has enabled me to rip something out? In fact I’m more likely to do it after a drink or two. I have a devil may care attitude at that point! Good for you. You’ll be happy you do it and it’s an opportunity for GAAK (Growth as a Knitter!) to modify it to suit yourself!

  6. Ooooh I hate it when that happens! Last year I knitted a striped cardi/hoodie for one of my girls and I had to pull so much back because it was too big! I hate pulling knitting back. The detail in the neck of your top is gorgeous though!

  7. I wish patterns would just give finished measurements (and maybe say how much ease there is in the modeled sweater )–I think the “to fit” measurements can easily be more confusing than helpful, since you might not want it to fit with the amount of ease the designer imagined.

    It’ll be beautiful when it fits though!

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