Spring Pillow Makeover

I’ve only followed one or two sewing patterns before, instead leaning toward the experimental approach I like to call intuitive sewing.  This has yielded mixed results, as you may have guessed.  One night, a few weeks back, I excitedly hauled out my sewing machine, set it up at the kitchen table, and tried to make sense of a pillow cover pattern from this book.  Something wasn’t quite right with the measurements suggested in this pattern, and maybe my pillow form was a slightly different shape anyway, because the result was a lovely looking cover that didn’t look as great stuffed.  So although I had the fabric to make many more pillow covers (I would redecorate the living room and guest room with new pillows in a single evening, I thought), I got discouraged and put it all away.

Except I left the fabrics for the living room pillows draped over the back of the sofa, thinking that if they stayed in plain sight I would likely sew them up faster.  Instead, the fabric soon began to resemble that pile of random mail and papers that litters the corner of your desk or kitchen counter: after a little while you just don’t see it anymore.  With the springlike weather happening with vigor outside, it was time to bring some of that color and energy inside.  This week while my mom was visiting, I finally got the courage to try again.

I found this wonderful tutorial and got cutting and sewing.  No problems with measurements, bobbins, or ironing.  Everything went smoothly with my sewing for once, and I followed a pattern.   This could turn into something of a gateway project, I suspect.



I still did a little improvisation, though.  I couldn’t help myself!  I just ran this ribbon through the machine, attaching it to the front piece of fabric before sewing the pillow together.  I’m tempted to add further embellishments to these pillows, but for now I’m mostly happy they’re finished, bringing a fresh and springlike vibe to my living room.

8 thoughts on “Spring Pillow Makeover

  1. oh nice work! this is exactly what I want to do and I spend more time looking at tutorials than actually doing it. I suspect it’s fear of colour and what if it’s not the right one (how dumb is that?). Anyway, I love the accent approach you’re using – it really works against your colour scheme. I really hope it is a gateway project for you – I’ve been very pattern based since I started sewing a year ago and it seems to have worked.

    You need to make spring dresses for PB!! I know a few good ones!

  2. I laughed with your random mail/fabric pile remarks! I found two long scarves awhile ago that I am determined to turn into pillows for the porch but they’ve ended up in a pile and then I watched a friend’s baby and needed a sling so I knotted the two together and it made the prettiest sling and now my poor pillows are never going to get made!!!

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