Yarn Along:: Off Kilter and In Between

Things are feeling a bit off kilter around here this week. This is due, in part, to the bumpy transition back into regular life after two weeks of travel and company. Work stresses, vegan diet grumpiness, and toddler nap struggles all play a part as well. Oh, and after a nice stretch of sunshine and spring weather, it’s dark and rainy here today. Boo.

I finished two books over the weekend, and am waiting on some exciting holds to turn up at the library. Until then, I pulled a little book from my often overlooked bedside to-be-read pile (you have one, I know you do!). Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg is the story of two close friends dealing with one’s impending death from cancer. Cheery, right? But it’s funny and touching and there have been some deep and gentle truths about friendship, relationships, and life. Such moments could be trite or overly sentimental in another author’s hands, but Berg deals with these emotions expertly with both candor and sensitivity.

And the knitting…well, that ‘s a secret for now. But that luscious purple yarn is a little something I picked up from Wool Candy at Stitches. It is among some of the nicest yarn I have ever knit with. Smooth, soft, springy, and saturated in color, it ticks all the boxes of what I love in a yarn.  I had been in a frenzy to knit everything in sight for most of the winter.  Something about the change in routine and weather has quelled that a bit, and I am happily and slowly knitting along without any thought to what’s next.  There are some nice new patterns floating around, but for now I’m not the least bit tempted.  We’ll see how long that lasts!


7 thoughts on “Yarn Along:: Off Kilter and In Between

  1. What gorgeous yarn. Have you read Berg’s book Dream When You’re Feeling Blue? I loved it – compelling characters and family dynamics, beautiful 1940s fashions.

    I’m digging into the latest Maisie Dobbs novel (signed by the author!) and sort of knitting on my Cream & Sugar Cowl…which is actually about the color of your yarn. 🙂 Hope your normal routine returns soon!

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