Yarn Along:: A Week of Nuggets

Yarning Along with Ginny this week.  Check out her site and play along, if you’re so inclined!

This week’s knitting has been a bit of the addictive bet-you-can’t-knit-just-one variety: bunny nuggets!  I’m thrilled to have remembered this pattern in time to knit soem up for spring.  In years past, spring has come and gone and I have forgotten about these cute little guys.  Well not this year, friends.  Not this year.  I’ve got a nugget assembly line going, and can’t seem to stop knitting up their precious little bodies and ears.

As for books, I’m on to another piece by a man trying to do right by his roots and family, Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting.  So far it’s interesting, witty, and at times poetic, but I can feel my interest in this genre waning.  It’s not this book’s fault, it’s just bad timing.  Where are the homesteading memoirs by modern women who like fashion and chickens, pop culture and rustic crafts?  I’ve read Hit by a Farm and Made from Scratch, both enjoyable modern homesteading/farming tales that fit into this category.  As I daydream about my own piece of farmland, I yearn to read about other women who have felt the same way.  Suggestions?

Brave New Knits is one I’ve quickly flipped through at the bookstore a time or two, but wanted to really sit down and read cover to cover.  When I saw it come up at the library, I knew I had my chance!  There are nice biographies of some of the past decade’s most interesting knit bloggers, including Wendy Bernard, Jared Flood,  Ysolda Teague, and more.  It’s partly an anthropological look at the effects of the internet, blogging, and Ravelry on the culture of knitting, and part pattern book. There are a good number of garments and accessories both, and while I’m not dying to cast on anything immediately, I can see a few that I might knit in the future.  Interestingly, in an act of knitterly generosity and care, a previous book borrower has printed out the errata*for the Orchid Thief Shawlette and left it with the pattern.  I’m always frustrated that professionally vetted patterns have errors in them; I understand that these things happen, but I don’t always remember to log on and research every pattern before casting on!

*The above link contains all the errata for the book.

17 thoughts on “Yarn Along:: A Week of Nuggets

  1. Last year I read and enjoyed “Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer” – a gal sets up her farm in the middle of south central Los Angeles… I don’t remember if she was crafty, but it was a fun read!

  2. I’ve seen the ads for that but haven’t watched the show. Will be sure to now, thanks!

  3. I have that pattern book in my list of books to check out! I agree at how annoying it is to have errata for books. You’d think their test knitters would catch those mistakes!

  4. I like your request for pop-fashion-steaders! I am holding out for the lazy-dirt-adverse-steader books ;-). And, love me some bunny nuggets!!

  5. Hi Sonia: A book about women and farming that comes to mind is: Mama Wears Two Aprons by Margaret Coleman. Story of farm women in Montgomery County, Maryland from the 1950’s to present day.

  6. Alas, this is the second year in a row for me that I am not making the nuggets. They are darling and I can just feel it in my bones that next year will be the year. As a matter of fact, I may just start in on them as soon as this year’s Easter knitting is done. Nothing wrong with being prepared! I loved Coop myself and am glad to see some other recommendations here.

  7. Hi Sonia! I love the site. I went to ACI with you and Leslie, not sure if you remember me. I just learned how to knit last year and your projects have me in total amazement. Thanks for the inspiration! Wendy Halverson

  8. I started reading Made from Scratch after seeing you mention it. I love it! I also loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I am so tempted to become a chicken farmer. Thanks for the recommendation!

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