FO: Bunny Nuggets!

The Nuggets are here.

They’ve been hiding, congregating, and generally getting into mischief.

Apparently if you keep them in small groups and give them cookies from time to time, they will be quite happy.

  • Pattern: Bunny Nuggets, a free pattern by Rebecca Danger
  • Yarn: Wool Candy leftovers
  • Needles: US size 6
  • Mods: I did 3 and 4-stitch icords for the ears instead of knitting them in the round.

These knit up so quickly that you’ll have a warren of wee nuggets in no time.  You can use any weight of yarn, which means they’re great for busting old leftover bits of yarn from your stash.  And let’s not forget how cute they are.

What are you still doing here?  Go get your yarn and make a few!  And be sure to have a great weekend, too.

8 thoughts on “FO: Bunny Nuggets!

  1. Where to start? Love the Nuggets, too cute! Granola post made me laugh and think (what is my granola?), and the pic of PB smelling the flowers is adorable. Miss you guys!

  2. They look like they might be the right size for my bunny’s favorite treat: dried cranberries. She inhales a cranberry in a single nibble, but they might have to chew for a while.

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