Around the House:: Spring Edition

As the weather warms and activities shift into more time spent outdoors, I have been taking pictures.  Pictures of what things are really like around my house as we transition from winter to spring.  There are fresh-cut flowers everywhere, a gift from a previous owner who planted hundreds of bulbs around the yard.  On the cooler, rainier days, I have been making granola and baking all sorts of vegan muffins.  Piles of handknits, so frequently grabbed all winter now sit unused.  Windows are open, letting the fresh, slightly chilly air circulate, and certain toddlers are grabbing a jacket and asking to go outside several times a day.  It’s a glorious time of year, isn’t it?!

In the spirit of sharing, I thought it might be time to play another round of Around the House.  Nothing fancy, just capturing a moment.  Would you like to play?  Simply copy the list below, take a stroll through your house one day, and post on your blog.  Please link back here and leave a link to your page in the comments so we can come take a peek! Oh, and grab a button if you like:

Here are the categories for Around the House:

  • In the kitchen
  • On the nightstand
  • In your work/craft space
  • Out the window
  • What the pets or children are up to
  • On your feet
  • Knitting or knitwear in action

One thought on “Around the House:: Spring Edition

  1. Those tulips are lovely, and the muffins look yummy. And what a fun orange rug! Always nice to see these glimpses of your life.

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