Of Food and Flora

Quince blossoms


There has been a little bit of cooking and time spent outdoors this week, the latter happening in the small windows between downpours.  It’s been a wet week, which is good for the plants (tough on my seedlings, though) and a little hard on this at home mama and toddler duo.

I made it to the farmer’s market twice in the last week, which excites me beyond what seems reasonable.  Who gets so excited about vegetables, anyway?  Oregonians, that’s who!  It’s such a festive, happy place filled with live music, gorgeous local food and flowers, and excellent people watching.  On Saturday I bought lettuce, radishes, tiny carrots, and swiss chard, which means we’ve been eating salads all week.  Somehow in all the excitement I didn’t do much “regular” grocery shopping, and with all the rain never wanted to go on a big shopping trip.  So it’s been greens and pantry things (soup, pasta, grilled cheese), homemade pizza, and a little potluck with a friend who made the most delicious sweet potato risotto.  And then I just had to make a half-batch of the strawberry rhubarb crumble after scoring some strawberries at the Wednesday market.  That day I was so desperate for some fresh air that PB and I sat in the drizzle and shared a burrito for lunch at the market. I guess we’re adjusting to our new climate fairly well!

The sight of brightly colored plants, blooming berries, and my daughter tromping around in the mud outside, as well as the smells of cooking, jasmine tea, and knitting inside definitely help.  It’s supposed to be a relatively dry and warm weekend, so I hope to get back outside and play!

I hope you have a colorful and tasty weekend.

6 thoughts on “Of Food and Flora

  1. I’m headed to the CT Sheep and Wool Festival solo tomorrow for the 1st time…. Wish you were joining me for some fibery fun! All your eats look delicious and your veggie talk is making me super excited for our garden goodies…. Maybe we can catch up on Sunday? Hugs! Have a sweet weekend 🙂

  2. Dude! Is that YOUR asparagus growing? Love! I’ve never seen actual growing asparagus… Sadie is currently obsessed w/ it and wants it every night! Tom is plotting the popping corn… Hope Leslie is ready for a pop-off!

  3. That IS my asparagus! Tell Sadie it just pops up out of the dirt looking like a stalk of asparagus.

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