FO: Green Tea

After knitting through a few sizing hiccups, making modifications, and pushing through all that delicious stockinette, I’m pleased with this tee!  This was a learning experience as usual, and while I like the finished piece, there is room for improvement next time.

  • Pattern: Rayonnant Pullover by Romi Hill, Winter/Spring 2011 Knitscene (Ravelled here)
  • Yarn: Rowan Belle Organic DK by Amy Butler 5.5 balls (about 790 yards), color 05
  • Needles: US 6 & 8/ 4 & 5mm
  • Mods: Made short sleeves and added some bust shaping.

This sweater pattern had its share of frustrations, mainly in the generous proportions as I wrote about here.  After knitting and ripping out the yoke and sleeves, I modified the sleeves and bust to fit my body.  You can see the detail of these mods on my Ravelry page, but the gist is that I created a customized size somewhere between 34 and 36.  Then I jumped back on the pattern bandwagon and knit it straight down to the hem without any shaping.  I tried it on multiple times and thought things were going great.  Then I wore the tee all day and looked at these photos and realized I didn’t need as much positive ease in the body as I thought I would to be comfortable.  Oh well, knit and learn, right?!

I love how the leafy lace yoke turned out.  The combination of pretty lace and casual fit is what initially drew me to the pattern, and I’m happy to say I still like it after all the work and changes I made!

The yarn was very nice to work with, as far as cotton blends go.  It’s soft, has a decent amount of stretch, and the wool content will hopefully help the tee retain its shape.  If I had one gripe, it’s that the yarn could be a bit splitty at times, but not so much that it was a headache to work with.  I’d knit with it again, although as I’m writing this it occurs to me that it feels a lot like Lion Brand Cotton Ease, which is a heckuva lot cheaper (no wool, though). Interesting.

Now that I’ve finished up a fairly large prject, I’m all set to tackle my knitting to-do list!  I’ve already cast on for Windschief, and it is coming along very quickly.  It’s the perfect antedote to a project that was on my needles for about 2 months.

Happy knitting this weekend, friends!

16 thoughts on “FO: Green Tea

  1. Lovely! I just made the “Clara” dress for Adelaide and the yoke is similar to the yoke of your sweater. I love it! (So much that I plan to make it again!)

  2. I love your mods. I’ve kept an eye on this design as well, but was put off by all the troubles the knitters seemed to be having with it. I guess I’ll go through your mods once again before I decide to start knitting this.

  3. You look fantastic in this green, and the pattern at the neckline is really nice – just enough to make the tee special.
    PB has the prettiest blue eyes, and I’m envious of your asparagus spear!
    Happy Mother’s Day weekend! t.

  4. Very nice! You look great in the green. You did a wonderful job on the sweater and I admire all the changes you had to go through. Such a pretty design on the top!!!!

  5. I love it and can not wait until I knit well enough to make such beautiful pieces. Enjoy your accomplishment!!

  6. gosh it looks lovely on you. Really nice. I think all the ripping and thinking through the mods was worth it. Very pretty.

  7. Excellent – you made it work for you and it looks great in that lovely green yarn. I bet you wear this all the time this summer.

  8. I am rather late commenting on this (finally got a computer again so catching up on a million blog posts on my reader). just wanted to say I think the colour really suits you and I love the yoke detailing, very nice. Good for you for perservering and making the mods needed to make it fit you. Well Done

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