When working within the confines of one’s stash, certain accommodations are often made. Material choices are limited and quantities are fixed. This can make the search for the perfect pattern and yarn combination all the more thrilling and challenging. I thought I had lit upon another good pairing with the Little Sister’s Dress and my Cascade Luna. Indeed, they go very well together. But something went awry…could it have been that wicked beast Gauge?

I decided to knit the 12 month size to accommodate for the reported roominess of the pattern, figuring it would be just right to fit an 18 month PB this summer.  After separating the arms and body, however, I had a feeling that this might end up being too big.  That’s okay, I thought, she’ll grow into it. In hindsight, I realize this was the precise moment I should have listened to my knituition and ripped back.  Would have saved me a lot of time.

Then there was another issue.

Partway through the increases on the skirt I realized I was going to run out of yarn before it was actually a length befitting a dress. A conundrum. I could certainly purchase a 3rd skein of the yarn and finish it off according to the pattern. But I’m trying to knit from the stash and not buy new yarn, so that didn’t feel right (although isn’t there is a loophole where yarn acquired to finish a project does not technically add to the stash?). Instead, I decided to test my luck and modify this to be more of a tunic. I did less increases and started the purl ridges for the bottom hem a few inches sooner than suggested.  Then I knit faster so I wouldn’t run out of yarn, as one does, and bound off with about a yard to spare.  I felt quite triumphant until I popped it onto PB; the armholes are way too big.

I don’t think she was very happy with it, either.

Is this the elusive "smize"?

Now I’m left with deciding what to do with this piece.  Rip back and reknit? Wait and see if she grows into it? Either way, it’s going to a quiet place to think about what it’s done, and hopefully a little time apart will do us both good.

10 thoughts on “Conundrums.

  1. wow, i made that for Alice and if anything it was a bit tight. There’s just no telling sometimes is there? But damn her face is a funny one. She knows something isn’t right and her face says it all!

  2. First, she’s so cute. Second, I would rip it out and make it narrower, by the time she grows into it it may be way too short. But, that’s just me, sometimes I like to rip out…

  3. Oh my, she is just too cute! I have my little boy here and he keeps asking me to scroll back so he can ‘see the girl again’

    I agree with Lyanna, possibly by the time she is big enough the length won’t be enough.

  4. That’s quite a look!

    If it wouldn’t be too painful, I would frog it and start all over again. But that’s purely up to you.

  5. Definitely frog it! You’ll enjoy knitting it the second time too I’m sure. But then there is all that purling… I’ve just remember that this pattern gave me a sore thumb… When I made this pattern it came out too narrow, and baby girl outgrew it in about a week, but it does look great when it fits.

    Well done on binding off with a yard to spare, I finished something a couple days ago that needed an extra bit of not-quite-matching yarn to bind off the last six stitches. So close.

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