Yarn Along:: In Limbo

This is where my knitting and books go to be decided upon. As you can see, the dress is still thinking about what it did wrong, and I’m thinking I’m going to undo the bind-off and attach it straight to the ball winder.

As for that tall pile of books… Since I started participating in the weekly Yarn Along, my list of book recommendations has grown exponentially. I usually add interesting things to my library or paperback swap wish lists and just wait. Well this week several of my holds came into the library at once, and I was left with this pile of great books.  I’ve read the first few pages of all of them, but am struggling to decide which to give my attention to now and which can go back to the library temporarily.

I’m getting ready to head off to Idaho to visit my family and meet the newest member of our clan, baby M.  As always, I want to pack just the right combo of knitting and reading diversions!  Typically I like to keep it light on both fronts, with projects I can work on while talking or that can be picked up and put down without losing a critical place ona chart.
What are your favorite travel companions when it comes to knitting and reading?

6 thoughts on “Yarn Along:: In Limbo

  1. Ah, my kindle is my favorite knitting companion or a really thick read if I don’t have kids!
    And I agree about the easy travel knitting. I started the sweater I’m working on right now when I was out visiting my sisters.
    Have a great trip!

  2. I love the dress! Don’t tear it apart!! All that work and time, it would kill me! My friend just made something very similar, I’ve emailed her to check out your blog and see if she has any advice. Beautiful work and what a beautiful little girl! 🙂

  3. I always carry a pair of socks to knit plus an extra project should I finish the socks….. and as for reading… life is a whole lot easier now that I have a Kindle! But in one format or another, I take something spiritual and inspiring to read plus whatever mindless novel appeals to me at the moment!

  4. Since dh does all the driving when we do road-trips … I pack up my Nantucket Bagg with lots of projects and charts and make sure I have my laptop stowed in case I need to download a pattern from Ravelry, re-do a chart or generally connect with other knitters!

    Enjoy Idaho!

  5. Shawls are my favorite travel knitting. One color, easy lace repeat, circular needle so stitches don’t fall off.

    I’m growing fond of my Kindle for reading. It props up against the arm of the sofa; I sit cross-legged facing it and KNIT!

  6. What a funny coincidence, Sonia – I just posted about “The Happiness Project” too. I’ll be anxious to hear your review. “Not Buying It” sounds intriguing – Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful holiday weekend! t.

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