FO: Secret Baby Sweater

We’re home!  It was wonderful to get away, spend good time with family, and just relax into a daily rhythm revolving around fun.  Today is catch-up day around here: laundry, sorting through mail, errands, chores, and blogging, of course!

This project has been done for a while, but I wanted to keep it a secret until I could present it in person.  As soon as I saw these colors together, I knew the little cardigan was destined for my sister’s new baby and got knitting right away. Then it was all about waiting: waiting for my little niece to be born, then waiting to make the trip to Idaho to see her for the first time.  The wait is over, and it was all worth it.

Of course, I knit the sweater to fit baby M this fall and winter, so no photos of a cute sweater on the cute baby; we’ll all have to wait a few months for those!

This sweater was a fun knit, though a bit fiddly (isn’t that true of most tiny projects involving more than one color?). Early on I realized there would be about 10,000 ends to weave in, so I took care to weave some of them in batches so the finishing didn’t seem as daunting.

The yarn was heavenly to work with. It was smooth and bouncy, and the colors were delicious. I really love this yarn and am already looking for an excuse to buy more. The good news is that after knitting up the sweater kit, there was quite a bit of yarn leftover. I made the bunny nuggets and still have enough to make a wee hat, I’m sure.

When sifting through my stash in search of the right buttons, I was delighted to find these sweet little pressed flowers. They match perfectly! The only problem was I had just 2 buttons; after a heart-pounding trip to the craft store, I happily found another card of 2 buttons and was set.

All in all, an extremely cute project. And the sweater’s okay too. ; )

15 thoughts on “FO: Secret Baby Sweater

  1. Seriously the cutest baby ever! You are such a lucky auntie. The sweater is lovely too.

  2. Nice colours, a cute baby and hopefully we’ll get some pictures of the two in one this upcoming fall. 🙂

  3. Sonia it’s glorious! Perfectly executed, down to the unspeakably perfect buttons. Welcome to the world, little one! Don’t forget to post photos of her in it if you can when the time comes.

  4. The baby is just adorable! And the sweater is beautiful! I LOVE the colors you used as well as the buttons. Great job!

  5. Your sister’s baby is beautiful! God bless her! oh, the sweater of course is beautiful too, like everything you knit! 🙂

  6. Congratulations on becoming an auntie again. Baby is gorgeous and so is that sweater!

  7. well. I LOVE the sweater and baby M. I can’t wait for her to grow a little and wear it! I am grateful to have such a wonderful sister who makes my kids such cool knit clothes!

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