Monday Catch Up

Today is a recovery day.  I typically stay close to home on Mondays to play catch up (and slow down) after the weekend.  I’m feeling a bit tired but oh so happy for all the time spent with friends, old and new, in the luxuriously dry and sunny weather.  As you can see, PB was very serious about those hula hoops, as were many of our BBQ guests.  I’m pleased to say that almost every adult at the party gave hooping a try, and it was so much fun!

Our first strawberry has turned the corner on its way to ripeness.  I think it’s going to get eaten very soon, along with any neighbors who follow suit.  PB has already sampled a couple of white berries in anticipation.  The rest of my garden has really exploded too.  I need to get some poles up for those beans and peas, and it’s time for a first harvest of chard, lettuce, and spinach.  Weeds and mint are starting to stake their claim in and around the raised beds, so it’s time for PB to learn how to help pull weeds!

Tonight I’m looking forward to a quiet evening spent catching up with my knitting.  In all the excitement and activities, I hardly touched my knitting all weekend!



One thought on “Monday Catch Up

  1. I am jealous of you. Sunny day, PB, Watermelon, Hula Hoops, and of course STRAWBERRIES!! I guess I will sit here while the wind blows and dream of me sitting in your yard. Maybe in a couple weeks we can repeat this activity in my yard…..

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