Words to Live By

“If you’re cold, put on a sweater.” ~ Brenda Dayne

As a knitter and perpetually chilly person, these are words I live by. Who knew that the same slogan would hold true for our tech devices?

Okay, so maybe your phone or iPod isn’t cold, but it might need an extra layer of protection. My friend Liz was concerned about her phone getting dropped, flung, or otherwise damaged, and asked that I knit it a cover. I’m always up for an instant-gratification project, so it was easy to agree.

I perused Ravelry for free patterns and found this one. Then it was to the leftover sock yarn stash to find colors I thought she might like. I ended up using the leftovers from my Ishbel shawl and Spring Forward socks. It’s always fun to knit with the leftover yarn of a long-finished project; what a pleasant reminder of those knits! I added the icord loop and button to keep things both secure and snazzy.

A quick, fun, warm and protective knit. Have you knit a cozy to warm up an inanimate object in your life?

4 thoughts on “Words to Live By

  1. i hear Brenda saying that in my head so often when it’s cold!

    I’m a big fan of the cosy – my first ever blogged knitted item was an ipod cosy made about of awful novelty yarn but it was the start of everything!

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