Strawberry Cake: Not Just a Dessert


This weekend when you go to the farmer’s market and see strawberries, you should buy some.  In fact, buy as many as you are able, eat some as you walk around, and then bring them home.  Snack on a few while they’re still warm from the sun before settling in to the work of cleaning and hulling them.  You will probably want to make strawberry shortcake, or strawberry rhubarb crumble, or maybe even some freezer jam.  After a few days have passed and you’re not sure what to do with that last pint or two of berries, make this cake.

Admittedly, I got distracted with arranging the berries on top.  Don’t be tempted by berry artistry; cram as many berries onto the top of that cake as you possibly can, because the batter will puff and rise around them as they turn into little pockets of sweet deliciousness. The more the better. And since there’s fruit in this cake, it’s not just for dessert. Strawberry breakfast cake, anyone?


9 thoughts on “Strawberry Cake: Not Just a Dessert

  1. That looks mighty yummy! I made fruit salad with the strawberries I bought this weekend.

  2. I bet it would be delicious with other berries, maybe even a berry mixture. With whipped cream. Next time!

  3. Looks so good! I have wanted to try this recipe the second I saw it. Now I saw your product, I can’t wait to go get some strawberries and try it myself!!!

    Couple years ago, I went strawberry picking. As a first time fruit-picker, of course I picked more that I could ever ate. So I have made strawberry short cakes like 3 times, and couple batches of this

    There were good!

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