Trust. Knit. Understand.

I cast on for Chadwick Sunday afternoon and spent a nice amount of time knitting on our back patio.  This is an asymmetrical shawl, and it’s taken some getting used to.  Much like the infamous Baby Surprise Jacket, the best thing is to just trust in the pattern and go with the flow.  For what you see below is not the center back of the shawl as you may have thought.  That Mr. West is a clever kniter, indeed.

It seems to be growing rather quickly, but then again these types of shawls always do in the beginning.  Talk to me when the rows have a significantly higher stitch count!

*My new stitch markers are from Plover Designs and I am loving them.  The best part? They’re hand-made from recycled aluminum in Portland.

5 thoughts on “Trust. Knit. Understand.

  1. Ooh, those stitch markers are fab! Definitely one for the wish list 🙂

    The shawl is looking intriguing! I love the colours and can’t wait to see how it progresses. Stephen West has some fantastic designs!

  2. Oh, Plover! I love them. I bought earrings for my sister, and a lovely shawl pin for me. Silver, though, not aluminum. Lovely!

    Your shawl looks like it will be fun!

    Did you still want bitty baking things? They’re still here, waiting to go to you.

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