Summer Lovin’

This summer I am loving:

  • picking strawberries and raspberries while dinner cooks on the grill
  • eating berries right off the bush with PB after dinner
  • hanging laundry out to dry
  • asking for (and receiving) help
  • discovering sleepy kitties in the raspberry patch
  • daydreaming in the hammock
  • using homemade compost in the garden
  • meeting new mama friends
  • planning and getting excited for Sock Summit with a very good friend
  • my library card and stack of borrowed books
  • hearing baby birds in the nesting box outside my bedroom window in the mornings
  • knitting with fingering weight yarn (3 projects!)
  • cheerful summer linens
  • local festivals, markets, and parades
  • thrifted dresses and skirts

What are you loving this summer?

2 thoughts on “Summer Lovin’

  1. I’m loving the family reunion I just attended, sitting under the trees listening to the birds and the creek, my granddaughter’s first birthday on the 4th of July and watching my pups enjoy the back yard. See you at Sock Summit

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