Baa, Baa, Local Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

Somehow in the bustle of a busy weekend that started with this mama’s first night away from her baby ever and ended with a trip to the doctor late one night and a very sick babe, the wonderful experience of going to a local fiber festival was eclipsed. It’s been a bit chaotic around here this week, but PB is feeling much better and it really wasn’t as big of a situation as we initially thought. Always a good thing. So now, on with the fiber show!

The Black Sheep Gathering is an annual yarn and fiber show in Eugene, OR. This was my first time attending, so I went in with no preconceived expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of classes, demonstrations, and vendors, all local to the West. They had curated a show with just about every type of sheep and spinning fiber (crab shell roving, anyone?), beautiful hand-dyed and hand spun yarn, knitting and spinning notions, and body products (check out the Barmaids–love) you could imagine.
I wandered around for a couple of hours, visually absorbing all of the fibery goodness, before taking a break to sit out in the sun. I had some lunch, knit a little on my sock, and watched Kate, herding dog extraordinaire, do her thing.

While I loved so much of what my local spinners and dyers had to offer, I didn’t buy or photograph a single skein of yarn! Mostly I was doing recon for an upcoming project and saving my dollars for a weekend extravaganza in July. : ) It is so pleasantly comforting to know that people are out there caring for their sheep and other fiber-bearing beasties, working hard to make beautiful, durable yarn and fiber, and taking the time to bring it all to market. I want to do my best to support their efforts to help ensure they have a place to come back to year after year.

Have you done any stash enhancement lately? How do you decide what to buy and from whom?


7 thoughts on “Baa, Baa, Local Sheep, Have You Any Wool?

  1. Sheep are wonderful! Love the horns! Though I swore not to stash recently, I caved when Mom offered to meet me at WEBS – I bought sale yarn though! BTW- WEBS has a cute sheep sock puppet kit, while we’re on the sheep topic 🙂 !

  2. No stash enhancement recently, but I may break my no-stash rule next month at that very same extravaganza! Last time I bought an entire bag of Noro and it’s all gone. It was great design fodder.

  3. Really, sacrilege not to enhance the stash at a fiber event…..I have bought a lot in the past couple of months, so this month not so much…but I did just join a 3 month club at Nerdy Girl Yarn…..

  4. I’m new to your blog and have enjoyed reading it recently. I just had to comment when I saw you’d been to the Black Sheep Gathering. I grew up with sheep in Central Oregon and my mom made several trips to the gathering with her trailer full of sheep to show, fleeces to sell, and wheel to spin. When I was a kid I thought this was a gathering of rather eccentric “sheep people” (and a lot of unpleasant work wrangling those sheep), but I appreciate it so much more now. It’s wonderful to see other enthusiastic knitters of my generation excited about this event–thanks for sharing (:

  5. Glad PB is ok.

    I love those spotted sheep! So pretty. I’ve been trying to cut down on my stash enhancement, I have so much stash! One of my best friends did give me a load of vouchers for a lovely local yarn shop though, and they are burning a big old hole in my pocket…!

  6. I haven’t been able to make it down to Black Sheep Gathering in a couple of years but I love it!! Well, it’s hard not to love any fiber festival, but Black Sheep is always fun. Good job resisting temptation!

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