Around the Farm, Backyard Style

When we were preparing to move cross-country last summer, I was feeling a bit bummed out that it meant I wouldn’t be planting a garden at our house, after all.  I had grand, albeit imaginary, plans of installing raised beds alongside our driveway, the only spot on the property that received a good amount of sun.  Nevermind that we were on a pretty homogenous suburban cul-de-sac where such a thing may have been considered an eyesore.  Instead, I settled for some container plants and annuals in the flower beds, and got to packing up our belongings, looking forward to our new life in Oregon.

We moved to a town I had not been to, into a house I had not seen.  It was quite a leap of faith, and in hindsight I wonder why I wasn’t a little more unhinged about the whole situation.  Sweetie will probably tell you that I was a little crazed, that I dug in my heels a few times and declared that I didn’t want to move at all, what with a new baby and all.

In the end, it has turned out to be the best place for our little family, and my dreams of a raised bed garden were granted!  The best part? I didn’t have to do any of the digging or clearing, as they were already here.  So this spring I excitedly got to planning a garden, my first, and have been enjoying watching things grow and change and enjoying the bounty all around.  For there’s not only the vegetables I planted, but a bounty of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and herbs to enjoy as well.

Without further ado, may I present Sonia’s #1 Garden Adventure, July 2011:

Beets. From seed.  Amazing.

Beans, peas, and corn, trellised with a makeshift arrangement of repurposed bamboo poles and kitchen twine.


Cherry tomatoes.

There’s also a couple of types of cucumbers, chard, lettuce, spinach, a cantaloupe, and a pumpkin, plus some volunteers from the compost bin that are most likely pumpkins.  That’ll be a fun surprise!  It’s amazing how much food can be grown in a relatively small space, particularly in a back yard.  We have gotten so far from the source of our nutrition in a lot of ways; it feels good as one family to be making some of our own food in our own space.  Not only is the end product good to eat, the hours of work and tending to get there are great entertainment for me as a gardener and mama of a curious toddler!

PB has been so funny around the garden.  She loves to pick the peas, berries, and sample the leaves of all the greens.  Digging is fun, especially now that the seedlings are big enough to withstand her tools.  Most recently we taught her how to hold the sprayer so she can help water the garden, which is great, wet fun.

How does your garden grow this July?

10 thoughts on “Around the Farm, Backyard Style

  1. The girls and I are taking care of a wonderful 8×8 raised bed full of vegetables. The yellow squash is taking over its corner. The red potatoes and carrots are doing better than I ever expected! (our first year doing potatoes) The onions growing next to the potatoes look great too! I was thinking about taking pictures to show it all off but haven’t taken the time so I figured that I should write about it instead 🙂 We have about half a dozen “volunteer” tomato plants in addition to the dozen or so plants we put in this year. The peppers are full of flowers but there’s only a few growing so far. The 2 eggplant plants have flowers and I’ve been checking them out every day since my last 2 attempts at growing eggplant haven’t been very successful (the last time I got only one eggplant and it wasn’t bigger than a small grapefruit, yes, round too!) My 18 mo old picked a green tomato the other day so I’ve been keeping her out of the garden 😉 I intend to try “fried green tomato” one of these days…

  2. We got a late start this year, so I’m in the flowering stage for my squash, green peppers and tomatoes.

  3. as much as I’m loving the cosiness of winter, looking at your lovely first garden makes me remember how lovely ours was in January. All those beans and all that green! And that wonderful sense that you’re making your own food – it’s so satisfying – and that you get to share it with PB? All good. Well done!

  4. Thansk! There are pros to each season, but there’s something very special about the abundance and playfulness of summer.

  5. I’m a lazy gardener, didn’t put in an vegetables. But the blueberries are coming in very nicely; we have 5 bushes! (ps, there’s a typo in your last “garden” in the post)

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