Stash Enhancement

I’ve been keeping a secret from you.  Well, not a secret so much as a tender, fragile dream that has slowly grown stronger and bigger over time.  My dream?

To own a yarn shop.

Thanks to the encouragement of my incredibly supportive friends and family, as well as that of my online family (Kathy, I’m winking at you) I am now ready to make the big leap into the unknown.

I am opening a yarn shop!

Stash will be opening in Corvallis Oregon this fall.  The shop will feature yarn, accessories, and artwork created in the Pacific Northwest.  In addition to the retail yarn business, the store will also be part gallery and part gathering space where classes, knit nights, gallery openings, and special yarny events will be held.  It is my intention to create a community gathering place (family-friendly, too!) where people can come together to share knowledge, celebrate each other’s work, and just have a good time in the presence of other creative spirits.  And, yarn.  Lots of beautiful, soulful yarn from talented spinners and dyers from our neck of the woods.  To quote the Contessa, “How bad can that be?”.

There has been a lot of business happening behind the scenes these last couple of months, as well as much navel gazing and contemplating the enormous shift in lifestyle from stay at home mama to entrepreneurial mama.  We have been working closely as a family to come up with a business model and childcare/playschool opportunities that offer flexibility and maximum time together.  It’s important to me to remain very much a part of PB’s daily life, to be able to take her to some of her favorite activities, and to welcome her into my new workspace. I think we’ve about got it figured, which is a huge relief.

And now I’m at a really fun stage in the process: looking for a location and selecting vendors.  I’ll be at Sock Summit taking a peek in person at some of my potential vendors’ newest yarns and colorways.  This is the biggest stash enhancement expedition of my knitting life, and a dream come true!

Look to this space for updates on the progress of the shop.  If you’re so inclined, join the Stash Ravelry group.  And, if you are one of the talented, soulful spinners, dyers, designers, artists, or crafters making beautiful things in the PNW, please email me at sonia AT stashlocal DOT com.  I’d love to take a look at your work.

Let the adventure begin!

36 thoughts on “Stash Enhancement

  1. I am so excited for you! It is like having a second baby! I know it is hard work, but it sounds like you have a good support system. Best wishes on the new venture for you and your whole family

  2. Oh, I wish I lived closer! I’d be a steady customer for sure. The whole thing sounds wonderful and I wish you the best of everything! Will be anxious to hear all the goodies you’re going to have!

  3. Congratulations, Soniia! I wish you all good things and much success. I always wished to have a shop where people could also come and shop and do needlework and talk and work out their problems together. You’re about to be living my dream!

  4. Wow–so inspiring to hear how you’re living out your dream. Best of luck as you prepare and gather everything together!

  5. So excited! You know that any assistance I can provide is at your disposal. I have always admired your vision and willingness to try things. I find it inspirational to witness and helps me apply it in my own life.

    BTW, my mom LOVES your blog. I told her to make a comment and tell you herself, but who knows. She doesn’t work much with yarn (more sewing/quilting. You should see her newly remodeled craft room! So much custom shelving/workspace!). Anyway, she thought it was great and PB was super cute!

  6. Congratulations!! And good luck!!!
    It will be hard work but totally worth it!! PB will be so proud of you!
    I have just gone back to work after having my second child and not happy with my job. I’m trying to work out what to do. Your post is inspirational!

    To one Sonia from another Sonia! x

  7. Oh I am SO incredibly thrilled for you. what a dream come true indeed. All the best with your venture my dear! Is the website going to be an online store? (and most importantly will you be doing international shipping??!!)

  8. So very proud of you and very excited to see what’s ahead in you creative adventures! XOXOX

  9. How wonderful! I wish you very very very good luck and marvellous successes! I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it 🙂

  10. Wow! Congratulations! Wish I could come see it – maybe I’ll get out to the NW someday. Can’t wait to see photos and hear updates!

  11. I am so very happy for you, Sonia… What a wonderful adventure you’ve begun! I can’t wait to hear more about the space and your choice for displaying yarn, and seating options, and your window, and which patterns you’ll carry…. Absolutely thrilled for you!

  12. THIS IS AWESOME NEWS! Will you have an online shopping option for those of us out of town?

  13. Sonia, I am beyond excited for you! What a wonderful opportunity for you, and how very fortunate that you are going to be able to make an income doing something you truly love. Your success is guaranteed. 🙂

  14. Yippee!!! My computer’s been kaput all week so I’m just reading this for the first time. YAY!!! Congratulations lovely lady and hugs to your to your whole sweet family xoxoxo!

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