Growing Up

Despite the return to cool and rainy weather we had for the past week and a half, my garden continues to grow.  I ate my first home-grown blueberry this week, and it was divine.  We have been blessed with a prolific raspberry patch whose output is difficult to keep up with.  And I really like raspberries!  We’ve taken to picking and freezing them immediately, and I see a batch of freezer jam in the near future.  Anyone have a favorite recipe?

As for my plantings, everything seems to be doing very well indeed.  The peas are about finished, and checking for pods has become a daily routine for PB.  Her vocabulary is growing right along with the garden, and this morning she kept saying “Peas? Peas? Peas.” as we walked over.  She knows how to pick and eat them, which I love.

The green beans are reaching for the sky and have started blooming.  The two grape tomato plants both have small green fruit, as does one of my two artichoke plants.  I am pretty excited about that one.  I sowed a third crop of spinach and chard, and the seedlings seem to have loved all the moisture, sprouting in record time.  Now if only we could have a little peek at that summer sun again.  I have a long list of summery activities I’d like to try, but it needs to warm up just a bit.  Wearing my handknits in July is fun and novel, but I’d rather be lounging in the shade on a warm day knitting than wearing a wool shawl and drinking a latte while knitting.  Plenty of time for that later.

And lastly, I have a question for you: what is this and why is it bleeding?  I’m guessing it’s some sort of fungi, but I can’t help thinking it’s rather sinister and creepy.

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