Chicken Envy

Last fall, as I was settling in for some knitting after putting a sleepy PB down for a nap, there was a knock at my door. It was a friendly neighbor and her two little ones dropping by to welcome us to the neighborhood. How wonderful is that, I thought. Just the sort of friendly disposition we were hoping to find when we moved to Oregon. Slowly we have started getting to know each other, only recently revealing to one another that we both have blogs (oddly exciting for me to find out, I have to admit!).

Rebecca and her family have a small flock of chickens in their yard, which happens to be just beyond the mailboxes for our street. PB and I make a daily walk down to check the mail and see if we can get a glimpse of those chickens. I grew up around farm animals, and chickens have always held a special place in my heart. As a girl I would go out to our chicken coop and just sit, watching and delighting in their antics. Chickens are funny, didn’t you know? I may have even tried to resuscitate a dead chick once. What can I say? My love runs deep.

So when Rebecca stopped by the other night to ask if we would mind watching her hens for the weekend, I was thrilled. Finally, a chance to get up close to a chicken again! As she showed Sweetie and I around the hens’ setup, I was instantly reminded of a few things I had forgotten: the distinct smell of a coop, the feel of a warm egg in the cup of my hand, and the feel of live feathers beneath my hand.

The next time we visited the chickens, I was pretty excited to take PB down for a closer look. She often crouches down to see if she can get a glimpse of them through the trees, so I was looking forward to seeing her reaction. She was pretty interested, and watched them for a bit with our friend N.

But something else in the yard was far more intriguing, and soon the chickens were old news.

Over the weekend we collected 7 beautiful, perfect eggs, and on Sunday morning I made a feast of scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes. I’ll admit, I have been daydreaming of my own laying hens, but I think it will wait until we settle into our dream home.  In the meantime, anytime you have extra eggs, you know where to send them!

Happy weekending, everyone.

3 thoughts on “Chicken Envy

  1. i’m a big fan of the home hen, as you know. And when you throw a curious toddler in the mix, well it’s just so much fun.

    Am boiling water for my poached eggs this minute – better go! Yum!

  2. he he! you guys are welcome anytime. 🙂

    i’m impressed you were able to get that pic of your cutie on the firetruck. it implies that our driveway might actually be debris-free!

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