Stash Update

After looking at nearly every available space in my community’s downtown district, I have found a home for Stash.  It had to have the right combination of space, character, natural light, and potential.  I believe this spot has everything I was looking for, plus room to grow. And look at that window!  Can’t you just imagine the wonderful display possibilities?!

exterior before

interior before

This whole opening a yarn shop thing is really cutting in to my knitting time.  I had to take advantage of this moment and get a few stitches in on my around town sock!

Now that the space is secured, I am moving pretty quickly in an attempt to open at the beginning of October.  My mind is abuzz with ideas for the layout, including a seating area, gallery space, learning space, storage, and display.  The vendor list is pretty exciting, and I’ve started placing orders and receiving shipments!  And soon there will be the not so small task of cleaning this place up (oh, the dust!), painting, and putting in all of the fixtures.

This is a very exciting time, indeed!  I can’t wait to show you the transformation as it unfolds.


19 thoughts on “Stash Update

  1. Oh, Sonia! I am so very excited for you and proud of you! I know that Stash will be a huge success…. So happy for you! Talk soon!

  2. so exciting! can’t wait to see the after picture 🙂 honestly, I’m so happy for you, you got me thinking about knitting often, about my unfinished projects and how to get back to them… I even met a lady this weekend who was spinning wool “the old fashioned way” and bought 4oz of yarn to knit scarves for the older girls!! hope to have them done before the end of the year, I haven’t forgotten about the 3 things I was challenged to make this year!! btw titi Gretchen asked about you and I told her about Stash!

  3. Oh my goodness it is quite thrilling. It all seems like such a big jump from the idea of opening a shop to being on the premises. Very exciting.

  4. It’s perfect! can’t wait to get a glimpse of this in person! I know that it will look awesome because you have such great taste and creativity!

  5. How exciting! What a lovely space. I can’t wait to see how you add your charm and flair to premises.

  6. So exciting! Can’t wait to watch this come to fruition and beyond! I wish you every success and happiness with your new venture. Remember, I am living vicariously through you on this one! I’m so happy for you.

  7. What a beautiful space! I love it. And it’s fun to imagine your shop there, now that I’ve taken a stroll through town myself. Blessings on your place!

  8. Your shop is one large space to fill. I love reading about your kniting. I knit a lot when I was young but was alone as it was not fashionable. So great to be able to share with others.

    I am sure you will do well. Good luck and God bless with your family’s new journey.

    There are signs of autumn in the air here in UK too. Time for blackberry picking and jam making.

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